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D-CRUNCH’s Jeongseung Singing to “Call Me”

D-Crunch's Jeongseung profile

On December 10, 2019, D-Crunch’s Jeongseung had the opportunity to upload one of his song covers on the official YouTube channel by singing “Call Me” which is in the hip hop and RnB genre that sounds easy to listen to. He looks very cute with a winter coat even though the weather is sunny during this music video.

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D-CRUNCH’s Jeongseung’s Focus Fancams

D-Crunch's Jeongseung profile

Focus fancams are videos recorded by fans who go to certain events such as a busking, guerilla, comeback stage, and many other performances to support their favorite group. The focus fancam also shows one specific idol in a group when performing on stage.

To see D-Crunch’s Jeongseung’s performances through focus fancams, let’s find out more in this session below!

D-Crunch’s Jeongseung appeared at the K-Pop Cover Dance Festival with the other members and brought “Stealer” in a performance at the focus of this fancam.

As you can see from the focus fancam above, D-Crunch’s Jeongseung was in the front to the side, is wearing an outfit in pink, and looks very energetic in this performance. You can also hear some fans who were there and recording this focus fancam cheering during his performance with great enthusiasm.

On July 27, 2019, D-Crunch’s Jeongseung was seen at one of the fansign events which was attended by other members who went to the event. Although it only lasted a few seconds, one of the fans who went to the fansign showed D-Crunch’s Jeongseung while waiting for the event and interacting with fans. He and one of the other members of D-Crunch were seen flipping bottles and playing while laughing loudly while waiting for the fansign to start.

On August 4, 2019, D-Crunch was present as a guest star at the Gyeongpo Summer Festival and brought “I Want” as a performance in the focus fancam above. You can enjoy D-Crunch’s Jeongseung’s performance through this focus fancam which looks very playful and like he is enjoying his performance at this event.

One of the members who has a position as a vocalist and leader is wearing a green sweater and also a black t-shirt with a casual concept in this focus fancam. He also showed off his aegyo several times when he delivered the “I Want” performance.

On August 9, 2019, D-Crunch returned as one of the guest stars at the Popket Asia Music Festival and brought “Panorama” as their performance in this focus fancam. D-Crunch’s Jeongseung looks very handsome with an outfit that is more appropriate and in accordance with his image in this performance.

He wore a white and yellow outfit as well as accessories such as a hat and necklace that made his charm shine even more through this performance. When D-Crunch’s Jeongseung’s part was showed, his fans were cheering and screaming out which means that he has a lot of individual fans!

On July 29, 2019, D-Crunch was present during their promotion in Myanmar which was attended by many fans at the event. D-Crunch’s Jeongseung was clearly seen in this focus fancam when he performed “Are You Ready” in front of his fans who attended the event.

His outfit is really on point in this event when he wears the medium crop top sweater in blue, shorts, and a headband which makes his appearance look sporty in this performance. He also gave his best performance by choreographing strong dance moves.

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