CSVC: Profile, Facts, Official Debut, and Most Recent News

Official Debut


On August 6, 2019, CSVC made their official debut with their first digital single “Summer Love…”, a dance pop-track that reminds us of the 1990s pop girl group like SES and Baby V.O.Z. Their MV also reflects this concept as they played around the pastel fade colors and the retro cinematography. They also dressed up according to the retro look that gives the summer vibe.

Although they’re an independent group, they didn’t hesitate in putting their best effort to produce the MV. Check out the fun MV below!

Today, their MV has been watched for more than 270.000 views and well-liked by the Korean netizens, as can be seen in the comment section. They feel like the group bring them a sense of nostalgia to the 1990s groups.

” I love CSVC!!! They are such a rare and amazing group! I would support them all the way to the top with this amazing 90s K-Pop sound! I have missed these kind of K-Pop groups and sound!! CSVC FIGHTING!!!!!one user wrote.

IMF is doing all these days, so it’s such a refreshing song in difficult times~~! Thank you^^” another user wrote.

“Been listening to this song since its release. Never knew there was a music video till now!! love CSVC ♥︎” another user commented.

“It’s like a watch and hears Finky (*Fin.Kl) in 2019 all my love from Chile to Dalchong, Stella, Lovey, and Munchi ”  a fan said.


Latest News

Recently, on July 13, 2020, CSVC just made their newest comeback with the song “No Mercy!”. Still consistent with their 1990s style, the song is a light dance song that will remind you of the BoA era!

Check out their new MV below!

Fans are welcoming this comeback with supportive messages on the YouTube comment section:

“This sounds and looks like something straight outta 1st gen but the rap kinda modernizes it. The nostalgia just hit really hard, I like this ♡”

” Love this so much. I can’t stop watching. I feel like a boy listening to his older sisters pop CDs again.” 

” I feel like I’m listening to a song from the first generation of kpop and i really love that! This is art ♡”


So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding this new unique girl group. What do you think of them? Share your thoughts with us on the comment box below!