Get To Know One Of The Legendary S.M Entertainment Girl Groups, CSJH The Grace

The Grace’s Concert Tour

The Grace

The Grace lived their career for approximately 4 years with full members before finally releasing their first subunit. The Grace also held a concert in 2008 with the theme Graceful Party Vol. 1 and Tenjochiki 1st Live Tour Dear… in 2009.

Beside that, The Grace also participated as a guest star on some concerts, such an SM Town Summer Concert in 2007, SM Town Live ’08, SM Town Live ’10 World Tour in 2010, SM Town Live World Tour III in 2012, and SM Town Live 2019 in Tokyo 2019 (as separate performers).

The Grace’s Award Achievements

The Grace

During their career in the entertainment industry, The Grace had won some awards 3 years after their debut. Let’s find out more about The Grace’s awards that they received in this section below.

  • 2007: Best Female Group at the 14th Annual Korea Entertainment Arts Awards and Best Dance Music at the Asian Music Awards
  • 2006: Hallyu All-Star Award at the 13th Annual Korea Entertainment Arts Awards
  • 2005: Best Female Group at the 12th Annual Korea Entertainment Arts Awards and Best Foreign Singer Group at the 3rd South-East Music Ceremony

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