Get To Know One Of The Legendary S.M Entertainment Girl Groups, CSJH The Grace

The Grace

Everything You Need To Know About SM Entertainment Girl Group That Debuted In 2005—CSJH a.k.a The Grace

SM Entertainment is famous for having boy groups and girl groups that debut every year always with different concepts. In this article, you are going to find detailed information about one of the veteran girl groups that debuted in 2005, long before the Hallyu wave became global, which is The Grace that had 4 members, namely Lina, Stephanie, Dana, and Sunday.

Let’s find out more about The Grace, also known as CJSH, in the Channel-Korea article below.

The Grace: Members Full Profiles

The Grace

The Grace’s Lina

The Grace's Lina

Real Name: Lee Jiyeon (Hangul: 이지연)

Stage Name: Lina (Hangul: 린아)

Birthday: February 18th, 1984

Star Sign: Aquarius

Position In The Group: Main Vocalist, Visual

Official Site: Instagram (@maomaomi84)

The Grace’s Dana

The Grace's Dana

Real Name: Hong Sungmi (Hangul: 홍성미)

Stage Name: Dana (Hangul: 다나)

Birthday: July 17th, 1986

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 170 cm (5ft 7in)

Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Position In The Group: Main Vocalist

The Grace’s Sunday

The Grace's Sunday

Real Name: Jin Bora (Hangul: 진보라)

Stage Name: Sunday (Hangul: 선데이)

Birthday: January 12th, 1987

Height: 162 cm (5ft 3in)

Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Star Sign: Capricorn

Position In The Group: Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Official Site: Instagram (@sunday040728)

The Grace’s Stephanie

The Grace's Stephanie

Korean Name: Kim Bokyung (Hangul: 김보경)

Real Name: Stephanie Kim

Stage Name: Stephanie (Hangul: 스테파니)

Birthday: October 16th, 1987

Star Sign: Libra

Position In The Group: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

The Grace’s Group Facts

The Grace
  1. The Grace members’ religion is Protestantism. They are the only group in SM Entertainment whose all members are of the same religion
  2. The Grace is a multinational girl group consisting of three Koreans and one American. However, even though Stephanie’s nationality is American, she is of Korean descent
  3. The Grace were paired with TVXQ to debut together as a boy group and girl group from SM Entertainment
  4. The Grace have been selected as the best singers in the history of girl groups, along with Brown Eyed Girls, Spica, Sistar, and Mamamoo
  5. The Grace have released some Japanese songs, such as “Sweet Flower”, “Piranha”, “Stand Up People”, “Coming to You”, and a Chinese song titled “Too Good”

The Grace’s Debut Era

The Grace

The four-member a cappella pop girl group formed by SM Entertainment consisted of Dana, Sunday, Lina, and Stephanie. This particular girl group didn’t have a leader per see, however, as with other groups, the eldest sister, Lina, took the role of leader.

On May 1st, 2005, they debuted with “Too Good” on SBS’s Inkigayo, a group formed as a female version of TVXQ. Like TVXQ, at the beginning of their debut, each member’s name was preceded by ‘Cheonmu’, ‘Sangmi’, ‘Jiseong’, the word ‘blissful’ was attached, but it was deleted in 2006.

The group was named as Cheon Sang Ji-hee (天上智喜) and started talking about its formation around the early summer of 2004. As it was planned as a female version of TVXQ, the group name, member naming, and the most talented trainee within SM were selected taking TVXQ’s plans as they were.

The fan club name was Shapley and the official balloon color was pastel rose, but in 2006, the group name was changed from Cheon Sang Ji-Hee to Cheon Sang Ji-Hee The Grace, and since then, Pearl Pink has been used as their fan club color.

The Grace

Cheon Sang-ji-hee was born as a girl group that will be recognized around the world by Dana, who entered China, Sunday, who was receiving localization training in Japan, Stephanie, who grew up in the United States, and Lina, who was active in Korea. It is known that only elite trainees who were recognized for their exceptional skills gathered together, and the expectations within SM were high.

At one time, it was said that Cheon Sang Ji-hee was a girl group planned by Kim Kyung-wook, a former SM official. Although the timing of their debut was right at the time when Kim Kyung-wook enrolled, Kim Kyung-wook was fired shortly after Cheon Sang-ji-hee’s debut, and it was aired right after Cheon Sang-ji-hee’s debut.

In December 2004, at a press conference held in China as well as a briefing session for SM’s Hot in Asia project, Cheon Sang Ji-hee’s debut was officially announced. At the press conference at the time, it was announced that they would debut with one Chinese member, just like TVXQ, but after that, the recruitment of Chinese members naturally fell through.

The Grace

At this time, Cheon Sang Ji-hee was introduced and they were announced as Female TVXQ, but this really touched the hearts of Cassiopeias and had a very adverse effect.

Befitting the ‘female version of TVXQ,’ the bizarre words ‘Sangmi’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Intelligence’, and ‘Cheonmu’ were added in front of each member’s name, saying, “Chunmu Stephanie’, ‘Sangmi Lina’, ‘Ji Sung (智聲) Sunday’, ‘Hee Yeol (喜悅) Dana’ was born, and this was scorned by the public as well.

At the time, public opinion about Cheon Sang Ji-hee was not good, so SM tried to compete with a ballad song that could compete with their singing abilities. Was intended, but this did not seem appropriate as a reasonable reason for the selection of the title song. In a situation where the antis were scolding them for being a recycling group, they were a miss when, starting with Stephanie, who was a rookie, the title of “Too Good”, which was made with Dana, who was already known, was pushed as the title in a field where even they could erase the impression that one of the members was a second-hand rookie.

The Grace

However, the song wasn’t very impactful. As the title song was changed abruptly, “The Club”, which was scheduled to be included as track 5, was omitted from the tracklist, The “Too Good” music video was filmed just before the album’s release.

Cheon Sang Ji-hee, who had completed all preparations for their debut album, were not well known, but in fact, on April 7th, 2005, they had their first unofficial debut on’s M Countdown non-broadcast stage. On this day’s stage, they performed “Boomerang”, which was originally supposed to be the title song.

The Grace

There was a high possibility that the schedule was made without canceling it because it was a schedule that was decided in advance when there was an opinion to change it for a long time. In the first place, the slander stage itself was just going up to gain stage experience. However, if you look at other SM teams, the slander stage before their debut usually showed the title song, so the original plan of pushing “Boomerang” was clearly shown.

After returning to Korea after a long time, the team underwent several changes, the team name was changed from Cheon Sang Ji-hee to Cheon Sang Ji-hee The Grace. The Grace has the meaning to further enhance the image of the acappella pop group, which was the original team color.

The Grace

Since it was difficult to pronounce the name Cheon Sang-ji-hee in English-speaking countries, the agency decided to use the name The Grace instead of abbreviations such as CSJH, which is derived from the first letter of the syllable in romanization, TSZX, which is derived from the first letter of Pinyin, or TJCK in Japanese.