Do You Miss Crayon Pop? What The Members Are Doing Now?

Crayon Pop

The Cheerful Crayon Pop

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any recent news about Crayon Pop! We’re sure that all of you have been missing them, and want to know the recent updates from all of the Crayon Pop members! Channel Korea tell you all the details, so stay tuned!

By way of a brief introduction, Crayon Pop started their career in 2012. Moreover, when they released Bar Bar Bar, they left fans amazed with their cuteness and their appearance! Who doesn’t remember five cute girls with helmets on their heads? It must’ve been one of  Crayon Pop’s most iconic moments!

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the cheerful Crayon Pop and all the recent updates from them!

Crayon Pop’s Latest Comeback

Crayon Pop

First, we’re going to talk about Crayon Pop’s latest comeback! As we’ve said, it’s been a long time since Crayon Pop had a comeback. Most recently, the group came back with the single Doo Doom Chit, in 2017. But still, through Doo Doom Chit, Crayon Pop made their fans go crazy and they were beyond excited with the group’s comeback!

Doo Doom Chit had the upbeat rhythms of ’90s style music and, leaving their iconic helmets from Bar Bar Bar behind, Crayon Pop amazed us with their new, chic, mature style.

If you’ve been missing Crayon Pop, here they are with Doo Doom Chit!

Watch one of their comeback stages with Doo Doom Chit here:

Have They Disbanded?

Crayon Pop

There’s a lot of rumors about Crayon Pop’s disbandment, but are the rumors true? Let’s find out together!

There have been a number of stories that reported Crayon Pop’s disbandment, especially when one of their members, Soyul, left the group and decided to get married. Since then, many people have believed that Soyul’s departure signaled the group’s disbandment, but their agency, Chrome Entertainment, says that Crayon Pop was still active.

Chrome Entertainment also revealed the last schedule for Crayon Pop at the time, which was about attending the Golden Feather Awards. The statement was made that most people thought that Crayon Pop was being disbanded soon, but the agency didn’t mention anything about the disbandment. Moreover, people also remembered that the contract between Crayon Pop and their agency was over, even though they still had some work to finish.

After all of the rumors that had been spreading, there’s finally some certainty about Crayon Pop’s future. Crayon Pop hasn’t disbanded, they just took some time on hiatus. Even though the remaining group members didn’t renew their contract, they decided to keep on promoting together and preparing an album, even without Soyul.

Let’s just wait until Crayon Pop ends their hiatus!

What Are They Doing Now?

Crayon Pop

Since the group was on hiatus for a while, you may have been curious about what they have been up to in their spare time. Chrome Entertainment once stated that they took full responsibility for Crayon Pop’s activity as a group, but when it comes to personal activity, Chrome Entertainment handed it to them. Let’s find out together about their personal activity during the hiatus!


Crayon Pop Geummi

First, we have Crayon Pop’s Geummi! There isn’t much recent news about Geummi. One of her latest updates on social media was that she was supporting her friend’s new clothing line, and she using it as a support!



Crayon Pop

What about Ellin’s personal activity? It turns out that during the group’s hiatus, Ellin decided to be a YouTuber! Such a cool job, right? She also joined Afreeca TV, one of the video site services. Her YouTube work has gotten a lot of success, and Afreeca TV talked about their highest-paid Broadcast Jockeys, and Ellin ranked third on their list.

In five months, Ellin could gain a lot of money, perhaps as much as $200 million! Through Afreeca TV, she shared a lot of stories about her life, whether it was during her time with Crayon Pop, about her agency Chrome Entertainment, about Soyul’s wedding, or other events! It was obvious that Ellin was loving her new occupation as a YouTuber!