Crayon Pop Debut : Date, Songs, Stage, and Pre Debut

The History of Crayon Pop

Every idol in Korea has to pass a long path of trainee days before they debut. Sometimes the company will also introduce their trainee to gain popularity before their debut. It depends on the company itself. One example is Crayon Pop, the group that is known for wearing helmets. This group is originally from Korea but mostly they did their promotions in Japan. Now let’s look closer at Crayon Pop!

Crayon Pop Pre Debut Time

The group was initially named Hurricane Pop and they were promoted as a unofficial debut group from Chrome Entertainment, which Consisted of Serang or Yang Se Hyeon, Geummi or Baek Bo Ram, Ellin or Kim Min Young, Choa or Heo Min Jin, and Soyul or Park Hye Kyeong.

The members could not be taller than 165 cm and not have a sexy image because the CEO wanted to make a group of ordinary girls. Soyul is the first member exposed by the company and Geunmi was next. Serang that was formerly the leader of disbanded group Coin Jackson under the name Mari and she was next to join. Ellin and Choa followed after that.

They recorded their first song “Bing Bing” and the music video for their song was filmed in February. One of their members, Serang, left the group in May because she wanted to pursue her career in acting. After Serang left, Choa’s twin sister Way was given another chance to join the group. She couldn’t do the first audition because she was a member of an indie band,N.Dolphin. She made her audition and she left her indie band. In January 2012, they performed live for the first time in Hangzhou, China. The performance of “Bing Bing” was filmed for the Chinese television drama Curry Campus.

Crayon Pop Debut Date, Song, and Stage

When their company CEO changed their group name to Crayon Pop, they began to promote their songs in Japan in May 2012 and they used their time to film the music video of their pre debut song “Bing Bing”. They released the music videos both in Korean and Japanese in June 2012.

They released the music video for their debut single “Saturday Night” on July 17th 2012, followed by the japanese version. They also released an alternate version with new footage on July 24th 2012. Crayon Pop released their debut album “Crayon Pop 1st Mini Album” on July 18th. The album included both of their previous songs “Bing Bing” and “Saturday Night”. They made their official debut on stage M! Countdown on July 19th by performing “Saturday Night”. Crayon Pop’s debut didn’t receive much attention and their album was not a success.

Crayon Pop Japanese Debut

Even though their album didn’t receive very much attention, it was successful and the group became popular in Japan even though they didn’t officially promote in Japan. The group continued to released their first digital single “Dancing Queen” in October 2012 and they were really welcomed in Japan. They held a mini concert in January 2013 at Shibuya, Tokyo. The tickets sold out in under an hour and fans heavily requested that they hold another mini concert because many were not able to purchase tickets.

When they held their third mini concert in Shibuya, Tokyo on May 19th 2013, a third Japanese mini-concert was held in Shibuya, Tokyo. Arisa, a new Japanese member was revealed at the concert but she had withdrawn from the group before the performance.

On 8 June, Crayon Pop released their new song “Bar Bar Bar” on June 20th 2013 which became viral and climbed up the chart. Their unusual dance featured a choreography of jumping, scooter helmets, polo shirts, and tracksuit pants with skirts to make them look unique. Because of the songs, they were able to do a concert in South Korea where they also climbed up the Billboard Chart. They also had their first win in the music shows.

This situation led them to debut in Japan on July 22nd 2015 with first japanese single “Rarirure” (ラリルレ). The song gained a lot of interest from the public by debuting in the 25th place on the Oricon Charts. Their second japanese single, “Dancing All Night” that released on November 18th also made on chart in 17th place.