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Crayon Pop's Choa

Meet Crayon Pop’s Choa

Let’s meet one of the princesses of Crayon Pop, that’s Crayon Pop’s Choa! If you don’t know about them yet, Crayon Pop is one of the girl groups from South Korea and they are managed by Chrome Entertainment. Crayon Pop’s current lineup includes Geummi, Ellin, Choa, Way and one former member, Soyul.

Now, let’s talk about one of them, that’s Crayon Pop’s Choa! If you want to know more about her, through this article, Channel Korea is presenting to you, the Princess of Crayon Pop, Choa. Let’s find out more about her!

Profile and Facts of Crayon Pop’s Choa

Crayon Pop's Choa

Through their profile, we can get to know somebody better! The following is the profile of Crayon Pop’s Princess, Choa, including some fascinating facts about her!

Choa’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Heo Min-jin (허민진)

Stage Name: Choa

Position: Main Vocalist, Face of The Group

Date of Birth: July 12, 1990

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Age: 28 (international age) / 29 (Korean age)

Blood Type: A

Height: 160cm

Weight: 46kg

Agency: Chrome Entertainment

University: Seoul Arts University

Instagram: @minjinchoa

Choa’s Facts

  • She has a twin sister named Way and both of them were members of Crayon Pop
  • Choa likes to be called, ‘princess’
  • Along with her twin sister Way, she has formed a duo within Crayon Pop, called ‘Strawberry Milk’
  • Choa’s ideal type of man is Rain
  • Choa made her acting debut with High School Love On
  • Choa has been modeling since 2011
  • Ever since childhood, Choa has loved to sing and dance
  • ‘Choppas’ is the name used by her fan club
  • in Crayon Pop, Choa represents Red which is also her favorite color
  • Choa is slightly older than her twin sister, Way
  • Crayon Pop’s Ellin said she would date Crayon Pop’s Choa, if only she was not another girl!
  • Choa is able to imitate almost any sound with her voice

Crayon Pop’s Choa’s Discography

Crayon Pop's Choa

Crayon Pop’s Choa is also known for her talent as an actress, especially in musical productions. Beginning in 2015 and using her education and training from musical theatre, Choa participated in the musical drama The Last Princess. This production allowed Choa to work together with her twin sister and fellow Crayon Pop member, Way and they were able to make their debuts together.

Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop is currently one of the top girl groups from South Korea. Formerly, Crayon Pop, had five members, but currently, they have settled with four. Without a doubt, Crayon Pop’s most important member is Choa. In fronting Crayon Pop, she is known famously as the ‘face’ of the group and with Choa’s amazing voice, as one of the main vocalists as well.

Being the most famous member of Crayon Pop, Choa also her own fan club, named, ‘Choppas’! Another interesting fact about Choa is that she has formed a special duo with her twin sister, Way. They called their duo, Strawberry Milk and together, they perform as a sub-unit of their already amazing 4 member group, Crayon Pop.

The Crayon Pop’s discography up to this point has been about full studio albums, extended plays, singles and of course, music videos. Let’s check the table below!

Studio Albums

Title Album Details
Evolution Pop Vol. 1 Released on September 26, 2016

Label: Chrome Entertainment, Sony Music

Format: CD, Digital Download

Crayon Pop Released on January 20, 2016

Label: Pony Canyon

Format: CD


Video Albums

Title Album Details
Pop In Japan Released on March 16, 2016

Label: Pony Canyon

Format: DVD


Extended Plays

Title Album Details
Crayon Pop 1st Mini Album Released on July 18, 2012

Label: Chrome Entertainment, CJ E&M Music

Format: Digital Download

The Streets Go Disco Released on September 26, 2013

Label: Chrome Entertainment, Sony Music

Format: CD, Digital Download

FM Released on March 27, 205

Label: Chrome Entertainment, Sony Music

Format: CD, Digital Download

Pop! Pop! Pop! Released on November 19, 2014

Label: Pony Canyon

Format: CD & DVD



Title Album
Bing Bing Crayon Pop 1st Mini Album
Saturday Night Crayon Pop 1st Mini Album
Dancing Queen Dancing Queen
Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar
Lonely Christmas Lonely Christmas
Hero (with Kim Jang-hoon) Non album single
Uh-ee Uh-ee
Hey Mister Trot Lovers OST Part 1
C’mon C’mon High School: Love On OST Part 5


Titles Album
Love Christmas (with K-Much, Bob Girls, and Zan Zan) 2014 Chrome Family – A Very Special Christmas
Sup (Wassup) (with Robin Deiana) The Artist Diary Project Part 11
Vroom Vroom Evolution Pop Vol. 1
Doo Doom Chit Evolution Pop Vol. 1
123 Happy New Year Non album single
Rarirure Crayon Pop
Get Dumb Non album single


Other Charted Songs

Title Year Album
Bar Bar Bar 2.0 2013 The Streets Go Disco
Dancing Queen 2.0 2013 The Streets Go Disco


Music Videos

Title Year
Saturday Night 2012
Bing Bing 2012
Dancing Queen 2012
Bar Bar Bar (Story Version) 2013
Bar Bar Bar (Coreography Version) 2013
Bar Bar Bar 2.0 (Global Version) 2013
Dancing Queen 2.0 2013
Lonely Christmas 2013
Hero 2014


Year Title
Uh-ee 2014
Hey Mister 2014
C’mon C’mon 2014
Love Christmas 2014
FM 2015
Doo Doom Chit 2016
Bing Bing (Japanese) 2012
Saturday Night (Japanese) 2012
1,2,3,4 (Japanese) 2013


Title Year
Rarirure (Japanese) 2015
Dancing All Night (Japanese) 2015
123 Happy New Year (Chinese) 2015


Strawberry Milk

As we mentioned previously, Strawberry Milk is a duo comprised of Crayon Pop’s Choa and her twin sister from the group, Way. With great fanfare and expectations, Strawberry Milk has already released their debut album, titled, The 1st Mini Album. 

Strawberry Milk released their first single together with a music video titled OK!  Choa’s twin sister and fellow Crayon Pop member, Way not only performed on this album but also wrote one of the songs, called Let Me Know. This particular song is about the struggles of their journey to become singers and performers.

Strawberry Milk

In 2015, Strawberry Milk released a single with Kim Yoo-min called Road and also appeared in it’s music video. The following year, 2016, Strawberry Milk released their second and third singles which were titled, I Hate You and AlwaysAlways was included on the soundtrack and has become known as the theme song for the television drama Mirror of The Witch. Choa and Way were back as Strawberry Milk for Christmas, 2017, performing a duet with their single, Christmas For You.

Together, Crayon Pop’s Choa and her twin sister, Way have also started their own YouTube Channel as of 2017. This allows them to gain global exposure for both Crayon Pop and Strawberry Milk through their vlogging videos. Check down below for Strawberry Milk’s discography:

Extended Plays

Title Album Details
The 1st Mini Album Released on October 15, 2014

Label: Chrome Entertainment, Sony Music

Format: CD, Digital Download



Year Title Album
2014 OK The 1st Mini Album


Music Videos

Year Title Director
2014 OK Lee Gi-baek
2014 OK (Coreography Version)


Choa’s Filmography

Crayon Pop's Choa

If you would like to see more of Crayon Pop’s Choa’s talent as an actress, below is her complete list of performances as well as her filmography.

TV Shows

Year Title Network
2012 Crayon Pop’s Colorful Growth Diary MBC Music
2014 Crayon Pop’s Fun Fun Tour MBC


Title Year Role
Hi! School: Love On 2014 Jin-young
The Last Princess (musical theatre) 2015


Web Series

Year Title
2012-2013 Crayon Pop TV – Season 1
2013-2014 Crayon Pop TV – Season 2
2014 Crayon Pop TV – Season 3
2014-2015 Chrome In – Season 1
2015 Hallyu Star Traces


Choa’s Twitch

Crayon Pop's Choa

Did you know that Crayon Pop’s Choa has a Twitch account? Have you heard about Twitch and what Twitch is? Twitch is a unique video site that allows people to live stream their performances, globally and also allows interactive gameplay through either Xbox or PlayStation 4, allowing viewers to watch in real life and in real time!

Choa has her Twitch account together with her twin sister, Crayon Pop’s Way. Not too much information is known about their Twitch account, but they called their account, baysunny. Crayon Pop’s Choa and her twin sister, Crayon Pop’s Way used to share their gaming activities there on Twitch. Both of the sisters are avid gamers and love to play many games. The twins, Choa and Way are especially into VR gaming and can sometimes be found, gaming online, on Twitch.

Remember, if you guys and girls are also into gaming activities, You may find Choa and Way gaming together at baysunny on Twitch!

Crayon Pop’s Choa’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Crayon Pop's Choa

Celebrities and performers having some form of plastic surgery to accentuate their appearance is definitely not really news in South Korea anymore. Mostly there’s a lot of rumors about plastic surgery, especially for the idols and stars of entertainment, like Crayon Pop’s Choa. There are specific rumors that Choa had some plastic surgery performed, to alter her looks. So, are these rumors true?

Well, judging by how Crayon Pop’s Choa looked before in her previous appearances,  there has certainly been a change, Choa has quite a different look now! Some sources are reporting that Crayon Pop’s Choa went into a clinic to have some basic plastic surgery performed, with alterations performed on her eyelids as well as surgery to change the shape of her nose, slightly.

In these pictures below, taken when Crayon Pop’s Choa was obviously younger, we can see that Choa did not have visible eyelids!

Crayon Pop's Choa

Pictured below with her twin sister, that’s Crayon Pop’s Choa with, Crayon Pop’s Way. We can see that when they were younger, both Choa and Way used to have flat noses and small eyes.

Crayon Pop's Choa

In more recent appearances, we can clearly see that Crayon Pop’s Choa has a much sharper nose shape than she did before. Whether this change to her appearance is from makeup effects or if she really went in for plastic surgery to her nose, who knows?

Crayon Pop's Choa

But some people also think that Crayon Pop’s Choa did not have any plastic surgery. The transformation to her face they said was because of puberty. Despite all of the rumors, Crayon Pop’s Choa’s charms could not be resisted, right?

Her Acting Debut on High School Love On

Crayon Pop's Choa

Crayon Pop’s Choa has made her first acting debut through the drama series High School – Love On in 2014, her role was that of Jin-young, one of the students. When asked about her acting debut, she once said that she was really happy to get the chance to make an acting debut, even though she wasn’t taking on a big role, it was such an important opportunity for her.

Crayon Pop's Choa

The director and the filmmaker of High School – Love On also made sure that Crayon Pop’s Choa was doing well through the shooting session. She was playing a well-behaved and hard-working student who satisfied her teacher and her parent’s expectations.

Crayon Pop's Choa

Her agency, Chrome Entertainment also revealed that Crayon Pop’s Choa had been taking acting classes, even though Crayon Pop was really busy with their own schedule, she might be an actress in the future. Well, let’s see if there is another Crayon Pop’s Choa’s appearance in the drama again soon!