Learn More About CRAVITY’s Wonjin: Profile, Fun Facts, Dramas, Appearance in ‘Produce 101’, and more!

Wonjin’s Debut with CRAVITY

wonjin cravity

Ham Wonjin made his debut with CRAVITY on April 14th, 2020, under Starship Entertainment. CRAVITY consists of 9 members. Wonjin was in charge of lead vocalist and lead dancer. He’s a member who sticks out in flexibility when dancing, and his balance is pretty good even though he’s focusing on his overall performance.

His stable dance, singing skills, and facial expressions are really great ever since the pre-debut. He also showed interest in writing lyrics and participated in writing lyrics for “Give me your love,” the seventh track of CRAVITY’s third mini-album, “SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE”.

Take a look to CRAVITY’s debut MV and hot debut stage here:

CRAVITY’s Wonjin’s Focus Fancam

wonjin cravity

Here’s the compilation of Wonjin’s fan-cam videos. Will it make you fall in love with his charisma? Let’s see~

CRAVITY recently made a comeback with their third mini-album called “SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE”! Let’s take a look at some comments on Wonjin’s focus fan-cam:

  • Wonjin saying that this song is hard and not his dance style, and he struggle a lot with the choreography but look at him slaying the choreography~~
  • The way he kick the mic on the floor, WONJIN IS PRO IDOL EVERYONE
  • Although Wonjin doesn’t have as many lines, his voice sounds great!!💜 On the other hand, Wonjin’s dance never disappoints! He deserved to be a lead dancer, and his expressions are incredible. Wonjin is already a professional!!
  • Watching Wonjin dance is always satisfying!!

In January 2021, Wonjin was seen wearing an eye patch on the stage. A fan said that he got a sty, and his eyes were swelling, so he had to use the eye patch until it healed.

Even though he was using an eye patch, fans said that he nailed the performances. Fans react with, “Wonjin looks so damn hot with that eyepatch”, “I DIDN’T EXPECTED WONJIN WITH EYEPATCH WOULD BE SUCH AN AESTHETIC DAMN”. Get well really soon, Wonjin!

Also, check out Wonjin’s short vlog here:


That’s all about CRAVITY’s Wonjin! Have you watched his acting and his pre-debut videos? Take a look at their performances if you had time~~ Don’t forget to leave a comment and share kindly.