CRAVITY’s Minhee: Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance in ‘Produce 101,’ Debut Era, and more!

Minhee’s Debut with X1 and Their Official Disbandment

cravity minhee

On July 19th, 2019, Minhee debuted as an X1 member by reaching 10th place in the final ranking announcement ceremony to determine the members who would debut. He secured 10th place with 749,444 votes. The overall totals were 1,798,609 votes.

On August 27th, 2019, Minhee officially debuted as a member of X1 with the album Emergency: Quantum Leap and the title track “Flash.”

Unfortunately, on December 3, 2019, PD, CP, and some of the entertainment agency officials in charge of the Produce series were prosecuted on the charges of a vote-rigging dispute. The case began on July 19, 2019, following the finalization of Produce X 101 when audiences protested the number of votes received by the participants.

On January 6, 2020, the member agencies declared that the group dissolved because they could not reach a consensus agreement after long negotiations between the members and their agencies. Letters and videos that express the hearts and minds of the members were published right after the announcement.

Check out the music video here:

Minhee’s Debut with CRAVITY

cravity minhee

Kang Minhee made his debut with CRAVITY on April 14th, 2020, under Starship Entertainment. CRAVITY consists of 9 members. Minhee is in charge as the lead vocalist and visual of the group. He has been assigned to many parts and plays in the team’s vocal line. Before his debut, he was in charge of the rap part in the group battle evaluation on Produce X 101. Most people didn’t know that Minhee was in a vocal role and didn’t get much attention for his skills. Despite this, he earned the title of growth character produce representative.

Check out CRAVITY’s song here:

CRAVITY’s Minhee’s Focus Fancams

cravity minhee

Here’s the compilation of Minhee’s fancam videos. Will it make you fall in love with his singing skills and his visual? Let’s see~


CRAVITY recently made a comeback with their third mini-album called SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE! They launched their comeback with their title song “My Turn.” Take a look at fans’ reactions to Minhee’s focus fancams:

  • Minhee’s visual is not a joke
  • Minhee’s iconic part “you know what it is~~”
  • Minhee’s vocals are so clear and his dance powerful, I’m so proud of him :+)
  • Nobody can look this good in this outfit except KANGMINHEE fight me
  • This kid never fails to tell us that he’s the best visual in the industry Minhee best boyyy
  • The vocals and visual are on point

During the “Flame” comeback, CRAVITY looked fascinating with their black outfits. Minhee’s eye makeup also looked extraordinary, giving a kind of vampire look. The stylists are doing their jobs right. So cool! Check out the videos and be surprised by the ending fairy looks~

CRAVITY’s Minhee and MONSTA X’s Kihyun’s Collaboration

cravity minhee

On June 21, 2020, CRAVITY’s Minhee and MONSTA X’s Kihyun made a stunning collaborative stage at KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER festival. They performed a song by Jukjae called “Let’s Go See the Stars.” The two presented an incredible junior-senior bond and received favorable reactions from the audience.

In the show, Kihyun was presented in a VCR video while Minhee stood on a stage, and they sang the song together through their online collaboration. Although the collaboration was only through videos and the Internet, they really made it beautiful. It’s pleasant hearing the vocal lines from both groups united in one. The beautiful harmony and their chemistry made the performance really special.

Check out the performance here:


That’s all about CRAVITY’s Minhee! What do you think of CRAVITY’s recent comeback and their third mini-album? Also, share your thoughts about Minhee in the comments below. Don’t forget to share~