Ex-X1, Cravity’s Song Hyeong-jun: Profile, Facts, Appearances on Produce X 101, and more!

Song Hyeong-jun’s Official Debut with X1 and X1’s Disbandment

cravity song hyeong jun

After Produce X 101 ended, Hyeong-jun was set to debut with X1 under Swing Entertainment, the agency that previously managed Wanna One. Reflecting upon the success of prior Produce 101 groups, X1 was set to promote together for 5 years. Of the 5 years, 2.5 years would be used for promotions as X1 members, and the rest can be used by the members for activities under their respective agencies.

On August 19th, 2020, X1 announced their fandom name ONE IT. ONE IT has two different meanings, “want it X1” as the first syllable of the word “want” in Korean (원 하다), and sounds like “one” in English. The second meaning is “one of it,” thus, the members want to explain that fans are important people to X1.

To welcome their official debut, the reality show X1 Flash was launched by Mnet on August 22nd, 2019. The reality show program was created to show how X1 members were doing ahead of their debut, and the members’ daily activities.


X1 officially made their debut on August 27th, 2019, with the song “Flash” from their debut album titled Emergency: Quantum Leap. After officially debuting, X1 held their debut showcase at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, on the same date.

X1’s debut is considered a huge success as it has managed to sell more than 500 thousand copies in its first week of sales. It also managed to break the record for the debut album with the highest first-week sales. The group ended up winning a total of 11 trophies, victories on music programs within its first year.

Sadly, their success didn’t hold on for so long, as the group were caught up in a voting controversy in November 2019. There were reports stating that a number of X1 member agencies have signed contracts with CJ ENM, thus resulting in the suspicion of voting manipulation of Produce X 101.

After the scandal was proven to be true, the group decided to disband on January 6th, 2020. Expressing his sadness, Hyeong-jun shared a heartful letter following X1’s disbandment.

Below is the full letter:

Hello… ONE IT… This is Hyeong Jun.

First of all, I am so sorry to ONE IT who supported and loved us.

I always wanted to give back to ONE IT’s love, but looking back now, I feel really regretful wishing that I had expressed that more to our ONE IT.

Thank you so much for making me feel, “I am loved,” and “I am doing well.”

I think I was able to shine thanks to ONE IT.

Although we are now going on our separate paths from X1, please continue to watch over our members and support them.

Thank you also to our Swing Entertainment family that took care of us and looked after us until this point.

Our short promotion period really felt like a dream, and I was so glad and happy to meet our ONE IT and people, memories, and love that I will never be able to forget.

All days spent together with ONE IT were very precious, and I have been thankful.

ONE IT… thank you and sorry again.

I will improve further and greet you again.

I love you so much, ONE IT…

Although it is such an unfortunate matter, don’t worry, because we’ll see Hyeong-jun again on the screen shortly!


Song Hyeong-jun’s Re-debut with Cravity

cravity song hyeong jun

Riding the wave of his disappointment of X1’s disbandment, Starship Entertainment decided to debut its 9-member group Cravity in 2020. Hyeong-jun is included in this line-up along with Se-rim, Allen, Jung-mo, Woo Bin, Won-jin, Min-hee, Tae-young, and Seong Min. Aside from Hyeong-jun, other Produce X 101 trainees, such as Min-hee, Jung-moo, and Won-jin, also made their way into a debut.

Hyeong-jun’s teasers for Cravity’s debut were released through Cravity’s official Twitter on April 9th, 2020. In these photo teasers, he showcased a different image from his cute persona, by staring deeply into the camera.

cravity song hyeong jun

Hyeong-jun finally re-debuted with Cravity on April 14th, 2020, with the release of their first mini-album titled CRAVITY SEASON 1. [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE] which contains 7 songs with “Break All The Rules” as its title track.

If you missed Hyeong-jun, check out his appearance in Cravity’s debut MV below!


X1’s Song Hyeong-jun’s Visual and Figure

cravity song hyeong jun

Hyeong-jun is notorious for his cute face. His big eyes are probably his most notable charm and they get compared a lot to tapioca pearls from bubble tea (XD). He also has a small and sharp nose, thus given the impression of a puppy.

cravity song hyeong jun

During his appearance on Produce X 101, fans noticed that he had crooked, adorable teeth. However, it seems like he no longer has them since he got them straightened through braces. In the final episodes, his crooked teeth have changed into perfectly straight teeth and many fans were concerned about the impact of veneer on his health.

cravity song hyeong jun

Contrary to his cute face, Hyeong-jun has a manly body with a height of 175 cm. He also surprisingly has a set of wide shoulders and it was said by fans that he wears a size 105, which is considered huge. Wow, what a jackpot combination!


X1’s Song Hyeong-jun’s Personality

cravity song hyeong jun

Hyeong-jun’s personality is often described as pure and charming. At first, he might seem shy, but he is actually quite straightforward and assertive. In fact, these traits were the ones that made him a good leader. All in all, he has a quiet, caring personality, and is extremely polite. He also has a peal of very expressive laughter, and he often laughs with tears in his eyes.

Although he has a killer aegyo, he’s still embarrassed by doing it. He also is a very confident girl group dancer (XD). He always makes the atmosphere brighter, so no wonder he is often called a “human vitamin.”


His motto is: “Don’t make things you’ll regret. Don’t regret what’s gone by. Let’s pour everything in at that moment.” Through this, Hyeong-jun reveals that he is a very passionate and professional idol. He will give his all in everything.


X1’s Song Hyeong-jun’s Focus Fan-cam

cravity song hyeong jun

As a lead dancer, of course, Hyeong-jun’s ability to dance could not be doubted. From girl group dances to manly dances, he can do it all. The flexibility of his dance movements was even praised by Produce X 101 judges because of the contrast between his cute face and his body when dancing sexily. On top of that, Hyeong-jun is the member who memorizes the choreography the fastest.

Thanks to his perfectionism and professionalism, he always checks the neatness of the formation whenever he’s performing.

Check out his neat and perfect performances in a series of fancams below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the nation’s baby boy, Song Hyeong-jun. Do you feel like you got to know him better through this article? Share with us a few inputs in the comment section below!