Get to Know More About CRAVITY’s Stunning Leader Serim: Profile, Facts, Debut, and Hairstyles

cravity serim

CRAVITY’s Serim and His Journey as The Amazing Leader!

CRAVITY gained a lot of attention after the group’s debut on April 14th, 2020, with the single “Break All The Rules.” People also got their eyes on Serim who is known as the leader with such a charming visual! Let’s find out more about his profile, career, and other details, here!

CRAVITY’s Serim’s Profile

cravity serim

Birth Name: Park Se-rim (박세림)

Chinese Name: Pǔ Shì Lín (朴世霖)

Stage Name: Serim (세림)

Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, March 3rd, 1999

Age: 21 years old

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 175 cm

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Korean

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual of the Group

Years Active: 2020–present

Label: Starship Entertainment

CRAVITY’s Serim’s Fun Facts

cravity serim
  • Serim attended Yongin Baekhyeon Elementary School, Yongin Baekhyeon Middle School, and Neulpureun High School
  • He was known as a former trainee of Cube Entertainment and YG Entertainment
  • He used to be a part of a dance group when he was younger
  • Serim used to be Jeong Se-woon’s backup dancer
  • During a middle school festival, Serim performed BTS’ “Fire”
  • He was known as a model as well
  • Dancing is one of Serim’s specialties
  • Serim is a kind person and is also known for being funny during his school days
  • Serim loves shopping, watching movies, and working out
  • He is also interested in fashion, and his strength is that he has his own style
  • Serim’s role models are BTS
  • He can walk during a handstand
  • He likes cheeseball and bubble tea
  • Serim and Woo!Ah!’s Songyee are cousins

CRAVITY’s Serim’s Career Journey

cravity serim

Pursuing a dream isn’t always easy, and unfortunately, this didn’t exclude CRAVITY’s Serim in the past. From a young age, Serim started dance practice and began dreaming of being a K-Pop idol. From one agency to another agency, Serim was a trainee and spent his days practicing. Let’s find out more details about Serim’s career journey, here!

His Appearances Before Debut

cravity serim

From when he was young, Serim had already been showcasing his amazing dancing skills. This was also proven by the fact that he used to be a part of a dance group in middle school! From a very young age, Serim’s stunning visual has been also showcased through his pre-debut photos. As time went by, Serim started to pursue his dream of becoming a K-Pop idol, until he became a trainee in 2017.

Before he went to Starship Entertainment, Serim was known as a former trainee under Cube Entertainment and YG Entertainment. Moreover, he also participated in the YG Entertainment audition and became the final winner as a representative of Bundang LJ Dance Academy School in 2017. However, he didn’t continue his trainee days with the agency and moved to Starship Entertainment afterward.

Here are some of CRAVITY’s Serim’s pre-debut appearances:

cravity serim predebut
cravity serim predebut
cravity serim predebut

Debut as a Leader of CRAVITY

cravity serim

Serim made his debut as a CRAVITY member on April 14th, 2020, with eight other members. CRAVITY is a 9-member group under Starship Entertainment that marked their debut by released a mini-album titled Hideout: Remember Who We Are – Season 1 with the title track “Break All The Rules.” Meanwhile, the debut stage took place on April 16th, 2020, and was broadcast on M! COUNTDOWN.

In the group, Serim is in charge of various positions, such as leader, main rapper, lead dancer, and visual of the group. They even made such a big achievement from their debut making them the best-selling rookie group of 2020 and winning the New Artist Award at the Soribada Awards as well.

cravity serim
cravity serim

Serim also revealed the change in himself since his debut era with CRAVITY until now. He and other groupmates have grown even more mature and improved their skills through their music and album. He also felt that the ‘color’ of CRAVITY has become ‘different’ in such a good way.

CRAVITY’s Serim’s Fan-cam Performance

cravity serim

Since Serim has been known for his stunning visual and amazing dance performances, no wonder his performance during the live stage looked beyond amazing! Let’s take a look at some of Serim’s charismatic dance moves on stage:

On CRAVITY’s “Jumper” live stage, Serim appeared with a boyish and casual style which suits him very well with the upbeat music and energetic dance performance. He also looked passionate during the live stage which made his charisma increase even more!

With a white outfit, CRAVITY’s Serim also successfully amazed the crowds with his stunning appearance. Through his live stage during “Break All The Rules,” his powerful aura seemed to be on another level. The way he danced and sang also mixed perfectly which made people adore him even more, right?

CRAVITY’s Serim’s Stunning Hair Transformation

cravity serim

As a K-Pop idol, Serim has always appeared with stunning visual and attractive style as well! Especially when it comes to hair transformation, Serim has dyed his hair several times which made his appearance look even more gorgeous. From all of the hair colors, the fans thought that Serim looked very good with blonde hair or blue hair.

Serim with blonde hair looked adorable and filled the youthful image! The bright color suits his visual perfectly, and somehow it brightens up his charisma as well. From his debut, Serim has appeared with blonde hair which gained a lot of attention from the fans!

cravity serim
cravity serim

CRAVITY’s Serim’s stunning visual increased even more when he appeared with dark blue hair! The mixture of his hair color and his porcelain skin matched perfectly, and somehow it made such a ‘smokey’ and ‘manly’ style as well!

cravity serim
cravity serim

That was all the information about CRAVITY’s Serim! From his journey before debut to his appearance as a member of the K-Pop group CRAVITY, Serim has proven that his hard work and his talent would eventually pay off and get him to where he is as of now. Well, what do you guys think about Serim? Please, kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the section below, and don’t forget to also share our article on your social media!