Cravity’s Jungmo: Profile, Age, Birthday

Jungmo’s Bromance with Minhee: Duo Name, Dazed Korea’s Pictorials

We all know that Jungmo has known Minhee since they were trainees. The two of them also joined the same competition, “Produce x 101”. Of course, the closeness of both Jungmo and Minhee made fans like their chemistry. Even though they have two years age difference. It made them look like a brother!

Let’s see some photos of Jungmo and Minhee!
minimo minhee jungmo
jungmo minhee
minhee jungmo

What do you think of their chemistry? Well, if you love their chemistry, you definitely will love this one. In December 2020, the two of them are invited to be on a photoshoot of one of the famous magazine in Korea. They also had an interview talking about their activity and their relationship as a teammate!

Let’s see Jungmo and Minhee’s photoshoot for DAZED Korea!

minhee jungmo
minhee jungmo

The fans are loving Jungmo and Minhee so much that they gave them nickname MiniMo!

Jungmo said that his first impression of Minhee is a playful person. But when he got closer with him, it looks like Minhe’s personality is more gentle, he just likes to play around. But Minhee’s impression towards Jungmo is the other way around, he said that the Jungmo he knew right now was the same person with what he thought he was back then.

Since Jungmo and Minhee were doing the photoshoot together separately with the group, the rest of Cravity members support them and remind them to do well. Great photoshoots, Jungmo and Minhee!

Jungmo with Cravity as the Best Rookie

Cravity made a debut on April 14, 2020. Even as a rookie, they succeeded to make people to love their music. With the amazing vocal and dancing skills, as well as interesting concept of their mini-album, the boys successfully hit the top chart despite being a new group.

Their debut mini-album called “Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are” has reached the top chart of Gaon’s Album Chart.

No wonder they got the top chart, the mini-album was sold for over 100,000 copies in April.

cravity best rookie

Cravity also made it to the rank 12 of Billboard’s chart with the catagory, Billboard’s Social 50. Good job, Cravity!

Cravity has won a lot of awards as a rookie in 2020 from awards such as Asia Model Awards, Brand of the Year Awards, Dong-A Pick Awards, Melon Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, Soribada Best K-Music Awards, The Fact Music Awards, etc.

The boys really showed us their best. It really shows that Jungmo and the rest of Cravity members were working so hard for their debut promotional. Good job!


That’s the information about Jungmo that we can gather for you to get to know more about Cravity’s Jungmo. He’s indeed a lovely person with a talented skill as an idol. Which of his charms that you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment!