Learn More About CRAVITY’s Allen: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, and Songwriting Experience!

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Get to Know CRAVITY’s Allen

Allen Ma, or famously known as CRAVITY’s Allen, raised his popularity after his debut appearance with CRAVITY in April 2020. With the mixture of amazing dance and rapping skills, Allen has showcased his hard work on the road to becoming a K-Pop idol. Let’s get to know CRAVITY’s Allen better.

CRAVITY’s Allen’s Profile

cravity allen

Birth Name: Allen Ma

Chinese Name: Mǎ Shí Quán (马莳权)

Stage Name: Allen (앨런)

Place and Date of Birth: Los Angeles, California, April 26th, 1999

Age: 21 years old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 170 cm

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Taiwanese-American

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper

Years Active: 2020–present

Label: Starship Entertainment

Interesting Facts About CRAVITY’s Allen

cravity allen
  • Allen is Chinese, but he was raised in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • He attended Glen.A Wilson High School in California
  • He has an older brother
  • His nicknames are Leoni, Leni, and Leni hyung
  • He can speak English, Mandarin, and Korean
  • Allen did a dance cover of SHINee’s “Lucifer” when he was in middle school which also inspired him to become a K-Pop idol
  • Allen used to be a trainee of JYP Entertainment, but he left in 2018
  • Allen was also supposed to join the Stray Kids Survival Show, but it was later reported that he got replaced before the first episode
  • He loves singing, dancing, walking, staring out of the window, and making choreographies
  • He is also good at martial arts
  • Allen is good at writing and composing songs
  • His role models are Big Bang’s Taeyang and SHINee’s Taemin, meanwhile, his inspirations are 3racha and DAY6
  • Allen also wants to make a music collaboration with ATEEZ one day
  • Allen can speak different languages to communicate with friends from different countries
  • He feels happy every time he eats delicious food

CRAVITY’s Allen’s Career Journey

cravity allen

Allen revealed that he hadn’t become a K-Pop idol, he would have liked to become a professional dancer. From a very young age, Allen started doing both dancing and singing practice to pursue his dream. After all this time, his hard work has eventually paid off; and here is CRAVITY’s Allen’s career journey story!

Allen’s Pre-debut Activity

cravity allen

Allen has chased after his dream to become a K-Pop idol for a long time. He has amazing dancing skills, which is obvious as he used to be a member of the Wilson male Hip-Hop Dance Team. Before he made his debut as a member of CRAVITY, Allen used to be a part of JYP Entertainment in 2016 as a trainee and was supposed to participate in the Stray Kids Survival Show, but he didn’t make it.

But still, Allen was very close with other Stray Kids members, especially Bang Chan since all of them used to be trainees together. Allen attracted a lot of attention since he already had a fan base in 2017. Allen decided to leave JYP Entertainment in 2018 and went to Starship Entertainment afterward.

Let’s take a look at CRAVITY’s Allen’s childhood and pre-debut photos, here:

allen predebut
allen predebut
allen predebut

Allen’s Debut as a CRAVITY Member


Starship Entertainment announced Allen as one of the members of CRAVITY in March 2020, and finally made his official debut with CRAVITY on April 14th, 2020. In the group, Allen is in charge of the rapper and main dancer positions with a bunch of charms.

The group released their debut project in the form of a mini-album titled Hideout: Remember Who We Are – Season 1, with “Break All The Rules” serving as the title track. This brought them the win of the Best New Artist Award at the Soribada Awards and hit the number one on the Gaon album’s chart as well!

cravity allen

Allen and the other CRAVITY members appeared with such a ‘clean’ look with a mixture of boyish and mature concept as well. After the group’s debut, Allen revealed that he could be more adapted to the new environment as a K-Pop idol, and somehow he also made some improvements in his skills! Only a few months after their debut, CRAVITY surprised the fans with their comeback with Hideout: The New Day We Step Into – Season 2!

CRAVITY’s Allen On Stage

cravity allen

Let’s take a look at CRAVITY’s Allen on stage performing with the other CRAVITY members.

Through one of CRAVITY’s Cloud 9 live stages, Allen’s performance was filled with an adorable and youthful image which made his appearance also look effortlessly amazing! Even though he used to take the rap part, Allen can also take the singing part in such a good way as well. Moreover, Allen became the center of their performance during the chorus part! Well, he’s indeed the main rapper and main dancer of CRAVITY, right?

Let’s move on from the adorable appearance of Allen because there’s another version of Allen live on the stage: the masculine and mature image! In a pair of white pants and a shirt, he looked beyond stunning! Not to mention the passionate dance moves and his expression during live performances always gets people in such an exciting euphoria.