K-Drama Review: A Romance Between A South Korean Heiress And A North Korean Army Man In ‘Crash Landing On You’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Crash Landing on You


Many still don’t have the chance to watch this K-Drama. However, because of its high rating and positive response from K-Drama fans who have watched this, it has proven that Crash Landing on You is very good to be watched. This is all thanks to the character and good chemistry of each player. Here are 5 reasons you should know why Crash Landing on You must be watched!

  1. This drama not only tells the story of love, but also friendship, the intrigues of upper middle class families and most importantly the international conflict between North and South Korea, which we know is impossible to unite. The audience was curious in each episode. Mixed genre, romantic, comedy, and action in one drama produce mixed feelings when watching it.
  2. The development of the relationship between Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri managed to steal the attention of the audience because it was built slowly each episode. Beside that, the depiction of North Korea that looks real. The audience was able to get a picture of North Korea that was rarely exposed to the media, including village life on the outskirts of North Korea and the capital of Pyongyang, as well as the culture that existed in North Korea.
  3. In the middle of the episode, the setting is also with deep research, the story of romance between the intrigues of the two countries, it is suitable to be enjoyed at free time and requires good K-Drama recommendations to watch. Several countries have also been filmed on Crash Landing on You, such as South Korea, Switzerland and Mongolia.
  4. This drama was directed by Lee Jung-hyo, who had previously worked on the drama Criminal Minds, In Need of Romance, A Witch’s Love. As for the story writer chair, the drama was written by Park Ji-eun. The same writer for other successful dramas such as My Love From the Star, My Husband Got a Family, The Producers, and The Legend of the Blue Sea.
  5. Hyun Bin admitted, he really missed playing in the production of romantic drama. Hyun Bin had successfully starred in romantic comedies such as Secret Garden, Hyde, Jekyll and Me, making Hyun Bin addicted to star in similar dramas. “I want to do a romantic comedy, because it’s been a long time (no),” Hyun Bin said. He also said that he had been wanting to work with Son Ye-jin for a long time, despite the rumors. “I once worked and became close with Son Ye-jin through The Negotiation, and she is an actress that I want to work with again. Opportunity came, and I am happy to take it.”

Well, so what are you waiting to delay watching Crash Landing on You? This drama is one drama that is able to make the audience feel the chemistry of the cast and can deliver meaningful and valuable messages to the audience as well as their fans. Let’s pray for dramas like Crash Landing on You to come back again and continue to support Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin as well as other casts as well for their future careers in the entertainment industry!