K-Drama Review: A Romance Between A South Korean Heiress And A North Korean Army Man In ‘Crash Landing On You’


Get To Know More About Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s Love Story In ‘Crash Landing On You’

Lately, many have shared about one of the most favorite K-Drama with the highest rating. This drama is a love story between different countries, but the couple who fall in love both have very strong feelings for each other. Many watched this K-Drama and got positive reactions from South Korean citizens and foreign audiences.

Many also said that the two couples had very strong chemistry and their love relationship was very beautiful if it could be watched in this K-Drama. The cast of this drama is also an actor and actress who is famous for their excellent acting skills. Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin made a new and interesting history of K-Drama romance to watch in Crash Landing on You.

If you are curious about the review of Crash Landing on You and the relationship between the two couples, let’s check the details in the article below!

Crash Landing on You: Review


Crash Landing on You (Hangul: 사랑 의 불시착) is one of the K-Dramas broadcast by tvN and Netflix. This drama is directed by Lee Jung-hyo and written by Park Ji-eun. Crash Landing on You has a genre of romantic drama but tells special romantic stories from various well-known casts such as Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun, Seo Ji-hye and many other actors and actresses. This drama is arguably quite special because the presence of Hyun Bin who is the main actor can steal a lot of attention from the audience and fans who miss his appearance on K-Drama.


The plot of the story is about a beautiful and successful young woman from a rich family in South Korea Yoon Se-Ri (played by Son Ye-jin) who accidentally carries the wind while Paragliding and landing in the military region of the South-North Korea border. She was considered missing in South Korea, when in fact he was found by Captain Ri, a member of the military in the border area. The story continues about how Se-Ri was ‘forced’ to live in North Korea, how Captain Ri and his team tried to bring Yoon Se-Ri to the South, of course how Yoon Se-Ri and Captain Ri finally started to have a crush on each other. The big question in Epsiode 2 was “How come Yoon Se-Ri can go back to the South?” or “What is the fate of Captain Ri and Se-Ri’s relationship between the North and South borders?


The development of their relationship feels really successful and is built slowly every episode, so the audience feels emotionally invested with their relationship. Although many people have guessed that this is the end of a happy ending, but there are also those who are really curious about how they reach the ending and it turns out that along the way there are other dramas that add to make the audience emotionally invested. This series also managed to build a side story starting from Captain Ri’s funny and adorable troops, the audience laughed, and there was even a scene that made me shed tears when I watched the Se-Ri scene and members of Captain Ri’s troops.


Then there are also stories of mothers in the village who end up being Yoon Se-Ri’s friends, there are stories of Yoon Se-Ri’s family, Captain Ri’s family, until the past Yoon Se-Ri and Captain Ri. Of course, military drama will be less exciting if the drama series without fighting and shooting scenes. Crash Landing on You is one of the most successful Korean drama series in history and many also tell other things than the romance of Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri.

Crash Landing on You: The Casts


This drama is played by Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin as the main characters. This drama became a reunion project between Hyun Bin (played as Captain Ri Jung-hyuk) and Son Ye-jin (played as Yoon Se-ri) who were previously involved in a joint project, which together starred in the movie The Negotiation (2018).


Son Ye-jin himself increasingly gained the attention of the audience through the romantic drama Something In The Rain that aired in 2018 then on JTBC. Besides Something In The Rain, Son Ye-jin has also attracted public attention thanks to his acting in the film The Last Princess (2016). Through the colossal film, Son Ye-jin was rewarded with a number of trophies from various awards shows.


Son Ye-jin won the Best Actress category in the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards and Daejeong Film Awards 2016 through The Last Princess. Son Ye-jin himself is more active in starring in film projects than in drama. Meanwhile, a number of dramas that starred Son Ye-jin before were Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (2013), Personal Taste (2010), Spotlight (2018) and so on.


Opponent to play Son Ye-jin, Hyun Bin is an actor whose career began to climb after he starred in the drama Secret Garden with Ha Ji Won in 2010. Crash Landing on You is the actor’s first drama, after he starred in the drama Memories of the Alhambra in 2018.


Just like Son Ye-jin, in recent years, Hyun Bin is more active in a career on the big screen than in drama projects. A number of films starring Hyun Bin are Rampant (2018), The Negotiation (2018), The Swindlers (2017), Confidental Assignment (2017), to The Fatal Encounter (2014).


Some supporting players in K-Drama Crash Landing on You, such as Seo Ji-hye (played as Seo Dan), Kim Jung-hyun (played as Koo Seung-joon), Oh Nam-seok (played as Ji Cheol- kang), Kim Young-min (played as Jung Man-bok), Yang Kyung-won (played as Pyo Chi-soo), Yoo Su-bin (played as Kim Joo-meok) and Kim Jung-nam (played as Ma Young-ae). They acted as supporting roles and lead roles with excellent acting skills and made Crash Landing on You a K-Drama that could enter as the best drama history.

Crash Landing on You: The Soundtracks


In this section, we will discuss some of the soundtracks from Crash Landing on You that also caught the attention of many viewers because there are so many touching songs in this K-Drama. Some famous singers also joined forces to sing the soundtrack for this K-Drama. You can also get a fun new playlist when you hear songs from Crash Landing on You’s soundtrack. Let’s look at the list of soundtracks from Crash Landing on You below!

But It’s Destiny (우연 인 듯 운명) sung by 10cm with the meaning of a song that tells about someone who has just fallen in love when he sees someone’s views and wants that person to be his forever.

Some day, like that moment that felt like eternity Come to me like it’s a coincidence Stay with me for always, just like this Come to me like destiny and stay with me.” – But It’s Destiny by 10cm.

Flower is a song sung by Yoon Mi-rae. This song tells the story of someone who is worried about his own feelings to the person he loves. This worry is due to happiness that will not be forgotten because of his own feelings that still cannot be expressed when with the person he loves.

If this moment is full of happiness That’s because of you Always Please don’t forget, I will always be by your side.” – Flower by Yoon Mi-rae.

Sunset (노을) is a soundtrack sung by the famous duo, Davichi, for K-Drama Crash Landing on You. This song tells the story of someone who promised to look after and be with the person he loves. He understood how he felt he always wanted to be a support system for the people he loved and they could trust one another to rely on them.

I will always be here. I will always come for you like the purple sunset. Even if my arms are small. I will hold you. Hi, let me hug you. Just rest comfortably.” – Sunset by Davichi.

Here I Am Again (다시 난, 여기) is a song sung by a female soloist, Baek Ye-rin who tells about someone’s feelings about loving and being loved. This song proves that if he falls in love, he wants to stay with the person he loves and wants to wait until their love can be avenged,

I’m still and I’m here. Let me take you in like this. So even when we push each other away, we’ll be engraved even deeper.” – Here I Am by Baek Ye-rin.

Someday (어떤 날엔) is a soundtrack sung by Kim Jae-hwan. This song tells about someone’s longing about a loved one. They are willing to wait so that his girlfriend can come back and be by his side and his feelings when left.

Some days, you’re the only one. Some days I cry and make a wish for happiness. It’s so hard for me. Once more time, I want it to be there. My love!” – Someday by Kim Jae-hwan.

Sigriswil (Crash Landing on You Title Full Version) is also the title song of one of Crash Landing on You’s soundtracks. This song is sung by Kim Kyung-hee and tells about someone’s feelings of love when he was still dreaming and always wished their love relationship could be more beautiful than they are now.

Day will come and go again, No matter where, No matter how, Wandering about in strange night. Won’t you be here by me?” – Sigriswil by Kim Kyung-hee.

Photo of My Mind (내 마음 의 사진) is a song sung by Song Ga-in, a member of the Brown Eyed Girls. The lyrics of this song tell about the feelings of someone who feels safe and secure when he is together with the person he loves. Sometimes he also feels worried about his fears, but when he closes his eyes and thinks of the person he loves, he again feels safe.

Even during cold winters, even during dark nights Because we were together, I was able to smile in the spring that you gave me. We prayed for eternity.” – Photo of My Mind by Song Ga-in.

The Hill of Yearning (그리움 의 언덕) is the soundtrack for Crash Landing on You which was sung by April 2. This song tells the story of someone’s longing for their lover and wonders whether he also has a very deep longing like himself. In the lyrics also written how he wants their time together can be repeated.

Even the scattering scents in the shy moonlight and the nights I stayed in your arms.” – The Hill of Yearning by April 2.

All of My Days (나의 모든 날) is a song sung by Sejeong, one of the members of Gugudan who is most famous for singing for the K-Drama soundtrack. This song tells about someone’s feelings about a loved one. The lyrics of this song have a lot of pictures of someone’s love but also tell about how much they longed to meet each other.

All of my moments have been colored with you. Since the day you came into my heart. My world is all you. Even the word love isn’t enough. But I’ll tell you how I feel. All of my moments, all of my reasons is you.” – All of My Days by Sejeong.

Like You (좋다) is a song sung by So Soo-bin, a member of a girl group called Nature. This song tells about the happiness of someone who finally knows that they have the same feelings with each other and are very excited because in the end they like the person they chose from the start.

We’re slowly getting closer, you and me. Now we’re walking on this path together. Again today like this and tomorrow.” – Like You by So Soo-bin.

Let Us Go (둘만 의 세상 으로 가) is a soundtrack sung by Crush’s soloist and has the meaning of lyrics as a story about a person’s hope to continue to be with his lover and want to be in one world to tell their true feelings that they love each other.

Hope I can go to that world that is only for us and say the words I didn’t say before. You will leave me but tonight, when everyone else is asleep, come to me and say you love me. Me who just waits and always makes you cry. Accept me.” – Let Us Go by Crush.

Give You My Heart (마음 을 드려요) is a song sung by IU. This song has the meaning of a romantic song between a couple who express their love each other as in the lyrics of this song. This song tells how grateful they are to love each other and want to keep one another.

No matter the reason we encountered and fell in love with each other like this moment right now, I hope we look forward to each day and stay dedicated” – Give You My Heart by IU.

Beside that, there are also many songs and soundtracks for Crash Landing on You produced and written by Nam Hye-seung and several other well-known composers.