Park Hae-jin and Kim Go-eun vs Park Hae-jin and Oh Yeon-seo: Which Couple Has The Best Chemistry in ‘Cheese In The Trap’?

Park Hae-jin and Oh Yeon-seo

When it was being made into a film, Cheese in the Trap underwent some minor changes for the main cast, with Oh Yeon-seo taking the role of Hong Seol. Reporting from Soompi, she talked about her experience playing Hong Seol for the film Cheese in the Trap. She said, “I had heard before that I looked like Hong Seol in the original webtoon. I worked hard on my expressions and tones so that I could make my own unique ‘Hong Seol.'”

She added, “The webtoon and drama both received a lot of love, so it’s true that there was some pressure.” She also said, “There was a lot of narration, so I’m worried about that. I talked a lot with the director about the role.” Oh Yeon-seo mentioned that her chemistry was good with Park Hae-jin, who has taken the role of Yoo Jung once again, as he did in the drama adaptation. “I acted in a relaxed atmosphere,” she said. “He took good care of me. He’s a very warm person, unlike Yoo Jung in the story.” She added,” I had fun while filming.”

On-Screen Moments

Oh Yeon-seo also shared her feelings about when she became Hong Seol on a large screen, she said, “While filming with Park Hae Jin, we would shoot scenes walking through campus and going on dates. I was happy to experience those things through my character. Since the time we were filming overlapped with the actual school year, I would feel my own heart flutter whenever I saw campus couples. They looked so young and happy.”

Before the broadcast, they released a photo where Park Hae-jin was looking at at Oh Yeon-seo, but she wasn’t looking at him. Of course, the photo made many viewers curious about the movie version of Cheese in the Trap.

Off-Screen Moments

The romantic scenes between Park Hae-jin and Oh Yeon-seo weren’t all in the film. They also looked pretty adorable behind the scenes. When Park Hae-jin played with Oh Yeon-seo’s hair, she looked embarrassed even though she had a broad smile. The photo certainly makes their fans feel impressed with them.

Press Conference

The press conference for the film version of Cheese in the Trap was held on March 14, 2018, and showed Park He-jin and Oh Yeon-seo looking charming. They both looked so handsome and beautiful. Many praised their appearance and they looked very compatible with each other.

Well, what do you think of them? They look so adorable, right?