Couple Goals! Check Out How Stefanie Michova Is Patiently Waiting for Beenzino to Come Back From the Military!

Beenzino Thanked Stefanie Michova with a Gift For Waiting For Him

beenzino & stefanie

After welcoming Beenzino when he got discharged from the military service with joyful tears, this time, Stefanie Michova was the one getting a surprise! She got a beautiful gift from Beenzino, a pair of flower shoes! Beenzino gave her the gift as a form of gratitude because Stefanie had been patiently waiting for his comeback after all this time.

In Korea, it is somewhat part of the cultural tradition, for women who have been waiting for certain people to come back from the military to be called gomushin which also means “rubber shoes.” Meanwhile, when those people are discharged from the military, the woman is being called kkotshin which means “flower shoes.” That’s why Beenzino gave her a pair of flower shoes!

Actually, Beenzino painted the design by himself. He wanted to give the shoes right after his discharge from the military, but since he was always together with Stefanie, he couldn’t find the right time to finish his secret gift for her. And finally, he could give her the beautiful gift directly to her!

Well, that was all of the information about Beenzino and Stefanie Michova’s loveable moments! From their struggle on how to taking care of their relationship during Beenzino’s military service, we could see how strongly they love each other, and they have successfully proven that we can overcome any problems and obstacles in our relationship as well! We hope for their relationship to become even stronger than ever, and let’s not forget to continue supporting them in their careers too!

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