Cosmic Girls’ Meiqi: Profile, Appearance on ‘Produce 101 China,’ Debut with Rocket Girls, Etc.

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Meet the Pretty Girl from Cosmic Girls, Mei Qi

Just because the name is K-pop which stands for Korean pop, it doesn’t mean that the artists are only from Korea, have Korean blood, or have Korean nationality. If you’re into K-pop, you must know that a lot of K-pop idols come from other countries.

If you know Got7 or NCT, these two boy groups have a lot of non-Korean members. And, it isn’t only the boy idols, but the girl idols have foreigners as well. This includes Lisa from Blackpink, Sana, Mina, Momo, and Tzuyu from Twice, and many more.

So this time, we will discuss one of the K-pop girls who is a foreigner.

It’s the pretty girl from Cosmic Girls or WJSN.

Yep, it’s none other than Mei Qi!

mei qi wjsn

Mei Qi is one of the Chinese members of Cosmic Girls or WJSN, the girl group that has Korean-Chinese members since the group is under two companies, one from South Korea (Starship Entertainment) and one from China (Yuehua Entertainment).

Let’s learn more about Mei Qi in the sections below starting with her profile, pre-debut era, and her solo activities!

Mei Qi’s Full Profile

mei qi wjsn

Before we start to dig in more about Mei Qi, let’s learn about her profile first. If you know basic things about her, you might feel a little closer to her. She could be born in the same city or the same month as you or share the same blood type or zodiac as you.

Let’s see Mei Qi’s profile down below!

Full Name: Mèng Měiqí

Chinese Name: 孟美岐

Korean Name: 맹미기

Stage Name: Mei Qi

Nicknames: Mick, Baby Miqi, etc.

Birthdate: October 15, 1998

Birthplace: Luoyang City, Henan Province, China

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Education: Luoyang Foreign Language School

Position: Subvocal, main dancer

Occupation: Singer, idol

Blood Type: B

Height: 165 cm

Shoe Size: 235mm

Weight: 51.2 kg

Debut: 2016

Unit: Natural, ενύπνιον

Family: Parents

Agency: Starship Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment

Instagram: @m.meiqi7

Weibo: Mei Qi’s Weibo

Mei Qi’s Pre-Debut

mei qi wjsn

Before Mei Qi debuted under Starship and Yuehua Entertainment, she was just a little girl from Luoyang, Henan, China. But, the little girl deserved to dream big. At a very young age, Mei Qi who was still in junior high school decided to move to Korea to be a trainee. At that time, she was still 15 years old.

Fortunately, Mei Qi who was born in Luoyang on October 15, 1998, was able to get her parents’ permission despite being an only child. She also left school before graduating.

But, the struggle has come to an end. Mei Qi was introduced to the public on December 21, 2015, as a part of the lineup for the new girl group called Cosmic Girls or WJSN. Mei Qi appeared in a cover of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey.

Not only Mei Qi but several trainee girls from Starship and Yuehua Entertainment were introduced, too.

Mei Qi’s visual caught a lot of people’s attention. The same goes for SeolA, Bona, EXY, Dawon, Cheng Xiao, Eunseo, and Dayoung.

Mei Qi’s Debut in Cosmic Girls

mei qi

The long-awaited debut of Cosmic Girls finally came to an end. Mei Qi who had been waiting for almost three years finally got a chance to be a K-pop idol. She officially debuted on February 25, 2016, when Cosmic Girls released their very first title track called “MoMoMo.”

Cosmic Girls is a South Korean-Chinese girl group since their companies are from two different countries, one from Korea and the other from China.

Mei Qi also has two friends who are from China, Cheng Xiao and Xuan Yi.

Due to her talent in dancing, Mei Qi became one of the main dancers in the group.

Let’s see the music video from Cosmic Girls for their debut song “MoMoMo!”

Cannot focus on the dance because of their pretty faces? Let’s see the dance practice!

We can see how great Mei Qi’s dance skills are in the dance practice video.

The girls who have been trained for years finally debuted in front of the public. Let’s see their debut stage in several music shows!

Here is Cosmic Girls’ debut stage on Mnet Countdown!

Here they are performing “MoMoMo” for the first time on Music Core!

What do you think of Cosmic Girls’ debut stage? Even though they were still young back then, they had talent to show to the world.

Anyway, can you spot Mei Qi from those 13 girls? She shines really bright! No wonder we can tell which one is her from afar!

Mei Qi in Cosmic Girls

mei qi wjsn

Along with Cosmic Girls, Mei Qi has released a lot of songs.

Although for some comeback albums or mini-albums Mei Qi and the other Chinese girls were not included, Mei Qi has participated in a lot of promotions of Cosmic Girls including  Would You Like?, The Secret, From. WJSN, Happy Moment, and Dream Your Dream.

Here are some music videos of Cosmic Girls with a full line-up including Mei Qi and the other Chinese members!

Here is Cosmic Girls’ song called “Secret!”

Here is Cosmic Girls’ first comeback with a song called “Catch Me!”

Here is Cosmic Girls’ song called “Happy!”

Mei Qi also debuted in Cosmic Girls’ Natural unit along with Dawon and Luda.

Mei Qi probably has more activities in China now, but isn’t it sad to know that she has been apart from her Cosmic Girls members for so long?

Let’s hope the Chinese girls will return soon!