Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung: Profile, Appearance on the Drama ‘Love Revolution,’ Law of the Jungle, Etc.

Dayoung’s Appearance in the Drama Love Revolution


Do you know about the web series that starred a lot of idols? The web series called Love Revolution was adapted from a webtoon and has some K-pop idols as the actors and actresses.

Well, we brought up the web series because this was the first time Dayoung made her acting debut!

Yep, she starred in Love Revolution as one of the characters.

The web series has Park Ji-hoon, a former WANNA ONE member, as the main actor. Younghoon from THE BOYZ also became the second lead of the web series. Just like Dayoung, this was the first time for Younghoon to act in a web series, too.

The web series tells a story about a high school boy named Gong Ju-young who is a cutie pie. He likes to show off his cuteness and likes to do surprises.

Opposite of Gong Ju-young, Wang Ja-rim is a girl who doesn’t like someone who does cute faces like Gong Ju-young. She even hates surprise events, too.

And then there’s Lee Kyung-woo, Gong Ju-young’s best friend who has characteristics that are very different from Gong Ju-young. If Go Ju-young is cute and small, Lee Kyung-woo is tall and likes to fight and play games.

The story also tells about other students around them, too.


Dayoung portrayed Oh Ah-ram, Wang Ja-rim’s best friend. She’s a lovely girl who has a lot of energy and is also popular at school.

Let’s see the BTS of the web series that Dayoung starred in, Love Revolution!

What do you think of Dayoung’s acting skill? Even though this is her debut in the acting field, she still shows us great skill. Good job, Dayoung!

Dayoung’s Appearance on Law of the Jungle

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Before COVID-19 spread widely and caused a global pandemic, Law of the Jungle was announced to be celebrating its 400th episode. They decided to shoot a special episode with a lot of people including Kim Jae-hwan, LOVELYZ’s Yein, Yang Se-hyung, and of course, our girl Dayoung.

The destination of the show took place at Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

The cast and the staff flew to the Philippines in mid-January 2020. At that time, there still weren’t any rules about going overseas since the virus hadn’t spread in both of the countries, South Korea and the Philippines.

The episode was aired on May 9, 2020.

However, Law of the Jungle decided to take a hiatus due to the pandemic and this destination was their last before the hiatus. Well, it’s better to keep the staff and cast, as well as the local citizens, safe.


That’s all the info that we can gather for you to get to know Dayoung better. What do you think of Dayoung now that you know a lot of things about her? Hopefully, she can do a lot of dramas, especially after starring in a web series. Or, maybe she can sing in an OST for a drama? Well, what do you think? Just share what you think in the comments!