Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung: Profile, Appearance on the Drama ‘Love Revolution,’ Law of the Jungle, Etc.


The Only K-Pop Idol that Can Say that She’s “The Young” with Her Name, She’s Im Dayoung!

Just like a song by Lana Del Rey, it must be so nice to be young and beautiful. The two terms can be found in the K-pop idols that we’re often fangirling or fanboying over. All those Korean idols are looking so young and still have nice figures and young faces, even the idols that are almost or already in their 30s.

But, the idol that we’re going to talk about in this article is not only young by her age but also by her name.

She’s the young Dayoung from Cosmic Girls or WJSN!


As you know, Cosmic Girls or WJSN is a girl group that debuted on February 25, 2016, with 13 members from both South Korea and China. Among the thirteen girls, Dayoung is one of the youngest members along with Yeonjung.

Even though she was young, she’s all grown up now that her age is over 20, both in Korean age and international age.

So, let’s dig in more about Dayoung! Be prepared, you might be falling in love with her charm soon!

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Dayoung’s Full Profile


The first thing we should know when we want to get to know someone is the basic things about them. To get to know Dayoung, we need to find out what are the essential things about her such as her full name, is Dayoung her real name or a stage name, her birthday (she could share your birthday), and other things!

Let’s find out the full profile of Dayoung from Cosmic Girls down below!

Full Name: Im Da-young

Chinese Name: 任多榮

Korean Name: 임다영

Stage Name: Dayoung

Nicknames: Dayoeomi, Yeom, Dayongi, Olaf, Lava, etc.

Birthdate: May 14, 1999

Birthplace: Jeju Island, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Taurus


  • Jeju Youngnak Kindergarten
  • Namgwang Elementary School
  • Jeju Dong Girls’ Middle School → Bangbae Middle School
  • Seoul Performing Arts High School (Practical Music)

Position: Lead vocal

Occupation: Singer, idol

Blood Type: A

Height: 161 cm

Weight: 43 – 46 kg

Debut: 2016

Unit: Wonder, φορεύς WJSN CHOCOME

Family: Step-father, mother

Agency: Starship Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment

Instagram: @dayomi99

Dayoung’s Pre-Debut


Dayoung was only a little girl from Jeju Island who might or might not have been thinking of spending her life in Seoul when she was young. But, as the only child in her family who could dream big, she decided to move to Seoul when she was still in middle school.

Due to Dayoung’s talent despite her young age, she made it to one of the big Korean entertainment agencies. That is because she joined the competition called K-Pop Star Season 1 in 2011.


But, Dayoung didn’t make it to the third round.

Still, it didn’t mean that she didn’t have the talent. No wonder Starship Entertainment recruited her to be a trainee. At that time, she was only 13 years old. And, she became a trainee for around four years before she finally made her debut.

We can easily just state that she waited for four years before her debut, but the struggle of her trainee years was real. Dayoung who was still young at the time had to leave school, her parents, her friends, and also her hometown to live alone in Seoul.

She also was told to lose weight because her face resembled the Korean comedian Shin Dong-yeop. Her company also did not allow her to have pigtails because they made her resemble Shin Dong-yep.

dayoung wjsn

Thankfully, now that Dayoung has debuted, her company didn’t give her that rule again.

Dayoung was introduced to the public on December 21, 2015, when some of Starship Entertainment’s female trainees did a cover of Mariah Carey with her popular Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

With this cover being uploaded to Starship Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, Dayoung became a part of the lineup for the new girl group that would debut months after.

Dayoung’s Debut in Cosmic Girls

dayoung wjsn

After several years of the trainee life at a very young age, Dayoung finally made her debut on February 25, 2016. That was when Cosmic Girls or WJSN released the first mini-album with a title called “MoMoMo.”

The girl group debuted under two companies that made a collaboration project. One company is from Korea and the other one is from China.

No wonder Cosmic Girls has a mix of Korean and Chinese members in the group. That was because Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment wanted them to promote in both countries just like the boy group UNIQ.

Dayoung who moved to Seoul from Jeju Island at 12 years old in international age finally made her debut when she was 17 years old in international age. She became one of the two youngest members along with Yeonjung.

Dayoung looks so cute in her outfit for her first single, “MoMoMo!”


Let’s take a look at the music video of “MoMoMo!”

And, don’t forget that they also released the dance practice so we can focus on the dancing better. Can you notice where Dayoung is at?

The girls did so well in the first week of their debut. Let’s see Cosmic Girls’ debut stage in some music shows!

What do you think of Cosmic Girls’ debut days? They were so cute back then, especially Dayoung! Share your thoughts in the comments!

Dayoung in Cosmic Girls


It’s good to know that the little girl from Jeju Island who was brave enough to live alone in Seoul just to pursue her dream finally became the girl of her dreams, a member of a K-pop group.

It’s also good to know that Dayoung’s talent is not wasted despite her not being able to pass to the next round in K-Pop Star Season 1 back in 2011.

After she debuted, Dayoung did very well in her group.

Even though in the first two years her debut Dayoung still had to manage between school and work, she still managed to do it well.

That was because she attended SOPA, Seoul of Performing Arts school, where she could both study and still do comeback promotions or any activities if her group, Cosmic Girls, makes a comeback.


Pst, do you know that she’s in the same year as former Gugudan’s member Mina, ATEEZ’s Yunho, and other idols in SOPA?

Anyway, Dayoung did well while she was doing school and working at the same time. She also has nice unnies, members who are older than her that can take care of her. But, did you know that even though Dayoung is one of the youngest, she is still called a mom in the group?


That is because Dayoung is one of the good cooks in the group along with Eunseo.

She must be getting the nickname because she has lived alone since a young age.

Besides promoting as Cosmic Girls, Dayoung also promoted in the unit groups Wonder and WJSN CHOCOME.

Let’s see some of the music videos of Dayoung in the unit groups she was in!

The cute MV of WJSN CHOCOME’s song called “Hmph!” made Dayoung look so cute with the dress outfit.

Here is the live performance of “Hmph!” by Cosmic Girls or WJSN’s unit CHOCOME.

She was also part of the unit group Wonder with Cheng Xiao and Bona!

What do you think of Dayoung’s performances? Which do you prefer, Dayoung when she’s in Cosmic Girls or when she’s performing with the units?

It’s good that she can perform in a unit group so she can shine brighter, but performing in a full team group with other Cosmic Girls members is also good.

Share your thoughts in the comments, please!