Cosmic Girls’ Dawon: Profile, Musical Film ‘K-School,’ Anxiety Disorder, Etc.

Dawon Stars in the Musical Film K-School


With the angelic voice that Dawon has, you must be thinking that it is impossible for Dawon to not have solo activity with her vocal abilities.

Well, the wait for all the Ujung (Cosmic Girls or WJSN’s fandom name) that hope for Dawon’s solo activity is finally over. We finally will get Dawon’s project that will show her amazing vocal skills.

Not only has Dawon sung for OSTs in some dramas such as Lucky Romance, Sweet Stranger and Me, The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice, and Revolutionary Love, she will now star in a musical film called K-School.

It was reported on August 18, 2020, that Dawon will portray the main character of the K-School musical, Soo-ah, which was released by an official statement from Starship Entertainment.

The first script reading began on November 14, 2020, while the first filming started on November 22, 2020. The film released in March 2021 on HBO Channel and also released in some other countries such as Thailand, China, and Japan.

As this marks the first acting experience for Dawon, she shared that she was so glad to be able to portray Soo-ah, the main character. She also said that she shares the same feelings as Soo-ah since they both wanted to pursue their dream in music.

Let’s hope that the film will be successful! You can also watch the film if you’re curious about the story and how good Dawon’s acting skill is.

Dawon Took a Hiatus Due to a Health Issue


On December 12, 2019, Starship Entertainment released that Dawon would be taking a hiatus due to a health issue. It was said that Dawon was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Because of that, the agency made her rest from the group and individual activities for a while.

It is good that the agency was focusing on her treatment instead of pushing her to continue her activities. If not, she might have a more serious issue.

And, she probably wouldn’t have been able to achieve a lot of things such as joining the comeback “Butterfly” by Cosmic Girls and becoming the main actress of the musical movie K-School.

Hopefully, it won’t affect her again. Let’s wish for a good future for Dawon and Cosmic Girls.


That’s all the information that we can provide to make you know more about Dawon from Cosmic Girls or WJSN. Now that you know that Dawon is such an amazing singer, let’s continue to support her with all of her projects whether it’s a group project with Cosmic Girls or an individual project. Cheers!