Learn More about the Living Anime Girl, Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao: Profile, Banned from Korea, Idol Producer, Etc.

Cheng Xiao’s Appearances in Idol Producer

cheng xiao

On December 11, 2017, Cheng Xiao was appointed as one of the mentors in a Chinese survival show program called Idol Producer along with Kyulkyung, GOT7’s Jackson, and many more.

No wonder Cheng Xiao became a mentor even though she was only 20 years old back then. It was because of her talent and experience.

Cheng Xiao shared that being an idol is not as pretty as it seems. She has to train a lot of times to get better at dancing and singing.

And, to become better means that she has to be strict with her students. Cheng Xiao was praised since she gave realistic advice to the trainees and got angry at them if they made mistakes.

Cheng Xiao also did a cover of “Havana” and “24k Magic” with the other mentors.

Looking at how Cheng Xiao has grown up even though she struggled back then makes us feel even prouder! Good job, Cheng Xiao!

Cheng Xiao in Pajama Friends with Joy, Song Jihyo, and Jung Yoonjoo

pajama friends

In 2018, Cheng Xiao appeared in a reality show from the Lifetime channel called Pajama Friends with Red Velvet’s Joy, actress Song Jihyo, and Jung Yoonjoo. The four of them hosted a show that has 13 episodes in one season.

The show Pajama Friends started to air from September 15, 2018, to December 8, 2019.

It must’ve been a very good memory for Cheng Xiao since she said that she’s a fan of Joy, making the Red Velvet member more excited to film the show.

The concept of the show was a pajama party with friends. The four women spent the days and nights in hotels all over South Korea.

cheng xiao

Just like how girls usually invite their friends to come over, they did a lot of fun games and chit-chatted while enjoying the short trip.

In some episodes, there are guests that later join the chit-chat or the game.

It was so fun to see Cheng Xiao along with the three hosts! Hopefully, she will get another opportunity to be a part of a show like this in the future!

Cheng Xiao and Other Chinese Idols Are Banned from Korea? Will She Leave Cosmic Girls?

cheng xiao

There’s a rumor that says Cheng Xiao and some Chinese idols are banned from Korea. The Chinese members include Lay of EXO, Victoria Song, Kyulkyung the former member of the disbanded girl group PRISTIN, etc.

It is because of the controversy between Korea and China that makes some communities file a petition to ban those Chinese idols, including Cheng Xiao, from doing activities in South Korea.

No wonder Cheng Xiao has more activities in China compared to Korea now. Cheng Xiao has a lot of individual activities in China such as starring in web series and television shows.

Here are some clips of Cheng Xiao with her individual projects in China!

All the dramas and solo activities, does it mean Cheng Xiao will leave Cosmic Girls?

The girl group has done some comeback promotions without including Cheng Xiao and other Chinese members. It is still not clear yet whether Cheng Xiao along with Mei Qi and Xuan Yi will return to Cosmic Girls’ activities or not. But hopefully, they will return and the girls will return with a full formation!


That’s all the information that you have to know about Cheng Xiao. Knowing her story and background, aren’t you falling for her already? Let’s hope that Cheng Xiao will return to Korea soon. And, may she be successful with her projects in her hometown, China! Cheers!