Controversies Surrounding Former Topp Dogg Member Hansol


Get to Know Hansol, a Former Member of Topp Dogg

Kim Hansol or Kim Minsung is the former vocalist and face of the band Topp Dogg. He left Topp Dogg on September 29th, 2017. In the course of his career, he was involved in certain controversies, such as his sexuality and his suicidal tendencies. Want to know the details? Check out this article for more detailed information.

Coming Out as Asexual

Hansol became a hot topic of public talk after saying something rather surprising when broadcasting live via the live streaming feature on Instagram. In a live broadcast, Hansol not only greeted his fans but also made an announcement, which surprised many netizens, regarding his personal life. The singer born on June 15th, 1993, said that he was asexual.

“I’ve thought a lot about this, I’m asexual. I don’t like anyone. I just like my friends and family,” he said. Asexuality itself is a condition in which a person is not interested in any sex, male or female. Hansol’s acknowledgment, of course, became a concern of many people, even the video of his confession went viral and was watched by many netizens. Although there were many who criticized him, there were also those among the netizens who extended their support and left comments of comfort for the condition he is experiencing.

Previously, Hansol had also revealed his intention of committing suicide in a post, and even mentioned it in a live broadcast, on his personal Instagram. Fans were even more worried, some of them commented that he looked like he was a frustrated person and was on a busy highway.

Hansol revealed that he identified himself as asexual, and on December 15th, he shared more about being weird in South Korea on Instagram. He wrote to fans:

“To be honest, I don’t think South Korea is very familiar with strange identities. People under strange umbrellas, who represent many different sexes, hide facts, fight them, or don’t worry about it. Even though this is the truth, there are still people who want to erase their existence ironically. It’s only humans who love humans, and I think it’s disappointing that they need the approval of others and that they become oppressed in society because they are different. To be honest, there is no need to officially post my subjective thoughts, but I will now carefully express my thoughts about this problem.

In the past when everything went awry, I didn’t want the word ‘weird’ to exist. I wondered how beautiful the world would be if everyone was free to love anyone under the law, so there was no need for the word ‘strange.’ Many people wonder about my strange identity, and I write about it because I want to encourage those who seek answers from me. I always say that I don’t have all the answers. Yes, this is true. I still don’t know the answer in terms of my own sexual and romantic identity.

I always let people judge what they see with their own eyes, but that doesn’t mean I ignore my own identity. I really love myself, so I am not hurt by those who hate me because of my sexuality. I’m not interested in the opposite sex, but I’m also not interested in the same sex. I never bothered dating. I really hate sex. This is me, and this reality is what is good and fun for me. People like me: be strong and enjoy your life and have fun. Don’t listen to others. You are the most important and the most valuable.”

Suicidal Tendencies

Fans were worried when they saw the live broadcast of Kim Minsung, a former member of Topp Dogg. Because the star, who used to go under the stage name Hansol, was seen having bleeding wounds on his wrist, crying, and also asking for help. Some of the fans, posted on their social media accounts preaching and asking for help to be given to Hansol. They even contacted the agency to find out about Kim Minsung’s condition.

Fans are worried that the former Topp Dogg member tried to commit suicide while broadcasting online. Some of his fans wrote the same worries, especially looking at the idol who posted a series of photos with information that showed his struggle against depression. This is also not the first time Kim Minsung tried to commit suicide during a live broadcast.

In 2017, he broadcasted live on Instagram. At that time, he cried in front of the camera and said that he wanted to die. For now, the agency and his closest friends and family have contacted Kim Minsung and he is definitely in good condition.

In his latest Instagram post, Kim Minsung was seen being filmed while dancing. Fans also wrote a thank you and support note for the idol surviving the depression he experienced.

Latest News

Former Topp Dogg member, Minsung (Hansol), was in the hospital. Previously, Minsung paid attention to fans by removing most of his Instagram posts. On November 5th, he was increasingly worried about fans by sharing photos of him lying in a hospital bed wearing a patient’s uniform.

In his statement, Minsung wrote, “Not really good morning,” but assured fans, adding, “Fight! Don’t worry! I deleted (post) because I want to rearrange my feeds!”

Minsung has also been promoting as a dancer with a new name NAVINCI since leaving Topp Dogg in September 2017. Sometimes he uploads his dance covers on Instagram or Youtube channel. His Instagram account is @another_minsung and has more than 257 thousand followers. He follows 213 accounts and currently, he has 293 posts.

Here are some of his posts on Instagram:

This is the update that we mentioned earlier. He is lying in a hospital bed, wearing a patient’s uniform.

His latest update was on January 27th, 2019. He took a selfie.

This video was posted two days ago. Looks like he was doing a dance cover with his fellow teammates. The caption of the post is:

“New West Crew All members and heads of the team @reflexjun’s One Day Cleese (the routine you made for the missing technique) It’s a good day! Members who cannot join together are hungry. ㅠ That’s fun!

He made another photo post, where, in the photo, he is making a silly face, while his friend is doing a live chat with the fans.

This is another one of his more recent posts. Looks like it is a trailer of the show. The caption is:

“Thank you so much for all of the New Zealand members who have struggled with new experiences.
Thank you @reflexjun, the director who took the picture and edited it.
Let’s go to New Zealand YouTube.”