Controversies Surrounding ‘School 2020’ Production

What’s The Future For School 2020?

There are many fans and viewers who are actually very enthusiastic about the broadcast of School 2020, but because of mistakes and controversies from the production team that is very abusing the rules make many people disappointed. Not only are the actors and actresses who have been officially contacted to play characters in School 2020, but loyal fans of the School (South Korean TV series) are unable to continue their enthusiasm because the drama is off the air.

There is no further news about the screening of School 2020. But since March 2020, the production team only said that the shooting process has begun and is completing several casts that they will choose to appear on School 2020. Kim Yohan as one of the lead roles named Kim Tae-jin has been confirmed to be an important factor in telling the story at School 2020. Furthermore, Kim Sae-ron was also chosen to be the female escort actor who will be present in the drama. But apparently there are problems and conflicts that occur when the election of the female figure.

Actress Ahn Seo-hyun is a female actor who was originally chosen by the production team to be present in the drama and is even rumored to have been removed from the drama shooting process unfairly. Even Ahn Seo-hyun’s father was not afraid to take the best path to defend his daughter in public and revealed that the School 2020 production team did not provide an opportunity for Ahn Seo-hyun to become the female lead that had been planned from the start. Not only Ahn Seo-hyun, but the offer to be the main female actor was also given to WJSN’s Eunseo, but the agency has not provided further news about it.

The School 2020 controversy is heating up and a lot of news is spreading widely due to mistakes from the production team. Finally, the production team from School 2020 concluded that they were still in the discussion stage in various perspectives to continue the process of shooting and airing the drama as soon as possible. School 2020 is scheduled to air in August 2020. It is not yet known whether canceling airing on KBS will have an impact on the shooting process and also the showtimes.

Well, that was all for the information of School 2020 and their controversies. What actually happened between the production team and cast was really disappointed because one person was the impact of unfair competition. However, the impact also spread to fans who should have been able to watch School 2020 according to the broadcast schedule, but because of the controversy, K-Drama had to stop airing until an undetermined time. But we must continue to think positively and provide support for each cast of School 2020 so that the players remain enthusiastic in their acting careers and this drama can air soon!