Controversies Surrounding ‘School 2020’ Production

Casted Kim Sae-ron and Kim Yo-han

Kim Yohan is known to be the main male actor in the drama School 2020. The former member of X1 has even been caught undergoing the process of shooting the popular KBS drama series on the streets of South Korea. What’s interesting on Thursday, March 19, 2020, local media reported the news of new casting for School 2020. According to reports, Kim Sae-ron was targeted to be the opposite of playing Kim Yohan aka being the female lead.

This news was immediately responded to by Kim Sae-ron’s agency. “She recently received the manuscript School 2020 and is considering the offer,” said the Gold Medalist agency.

Kim Sae-ron received an offer to portray the character of Nam Geum-young, a second-year student at the Vocational School who is the daughter of a karaoke bar owner on the outskirts of Seoul. She dreamed of becoming a successful YouTuber.

The casting controversy of the School 2020 makes KBS sure to reject this drama. As is known, the production team is targeting Kim Sae-ron as the female lead, even though that role has been given to Ahn Seo-hyun. This raises the issue that Ahn Seo-hyun has been kicked out unfairly. The controversy escalated after Ahn Seo-hyun’s father said that his daughter was told to wait for a year before being asked to leave School 2020. But the claim was denied by School 2020 and they said if an agreement failed to be made because of Ahn Seo-hyun’s father’s request that was unreasonable.

Back to the KBS rejection, they explained if this decision was taken after a long discussion. “After a series of discussions, we decided not to air the School 2020,” explained the KBS. Responding to the KBS decision, the School 2020 production team finally spoke up. They stated that the production of this drama would continue even though it had been rejected by KBS.

We are still discussing various ways. The production process is still going according to plan. We will try as soon as possible to officially announce the entire cast and enter the shooting process,” explained the production team.

After this announcement was made, netizens began giving comments. Most of them pity Kim Yohan as the main male actor in School 2020. The reason is that Kim Yohan also experienced bad luck related to the manipulation of Produce X 101 voting that led to the dissolution of X1.

I feel sorry for Kim Yohan. He deserves air after all that he went through all this time,” wrote a netter. “Let Kim Yohan pursue his career too,” added another netter. “Really sorry for Yohan, after X1 now the drama … Hopefully, there is fast certainty,” said another netter. “Yoyo is brave,” concluded the other netter.

KBS Decided Not Airing School 2020

On April 10, 2020, news emerged that the K-Drama School 2020 will not be aired. This, following the controversy over the sudden replacement of the main female character. KBS as the TV station that aired School 2020 finally spoke out, two days after this rumor blew.

School 2020 was originally scheduled to start shooting in March and air next August. If KBS decides not to air this drama, School 2020 could be taken over by another TV station.

Nothing has been decided yet. We are still discussing this case from various angles,” said a KBS representative. Meanwhile, after the announcement from KBS, the drama production company stated that they would continue the production process according to plan. On April 14, 2020, School 2020 will not be aired on KBS TV station. This was revealed directly by the KBS itself over the news and controversy that has been widespread because of the sudden change of casting before.

Meanwhile, along with the cancellation of School 2020 airing on KBS, the drama was forced to release the trademark drama series  School. As a KBS representative drama series, the public began to question whether the drama could still use the title School if it was broadcast on other television channels.

We recently discussed the program for School 2020 with a variety of perspectives. Production is being carried out without a hitch. We plan to make the final casting decision and officially start the production process,” the drama production said.

In an article written by the Korea Sports News media, it was mentioned that KBS had decided to cancel the production process and the screening of the School 2020 drama. The article said that if KBS failed to produce School 2020, there was a possibility that the production process would be taken over by other TV stations. Or the worst possibility is that this drama will not air.

However, this issue has been denied by KBS. Reported by Herald Pop, a KBS representative said that negative rumors circulating related to the drama School 2020 were not conveyed by the person in charge of the production team. They are also currently checking the truth of the news of the cancellation of the drama.

Besides that, Kim Yohan who became the lead role in School 2020 finally expressed his opinion about the cancellation of the School 2020 broadcast. Kim Yohan will actually make his acting debut through the teen drama School 2020. However, it is now threatened to be canceled after KBS releases the 8th series broadcast rights. Finding his debut drama in danger of being off the air, Kim Yohan confessed sadly. But, this final member of Produce X 101 chose not to dissolve in sadness.

It’s true that I had a hard time. But it was yesterday, so I tried to forget it. (School 2020) was a good opportunity. But, the future is more important. So I will keep going forward,” Yohan said in his latest variety show press conference.