List of Controversies Involving Kangin Before He Left Super Junior

Absent From His Military Schedule

kangin super junior member scandal

Super Junior’s Kangin was also caught in a controversy regarding missed mandatory reserve military training.

He had been assigned to 72 hours of mandatory reserved military training in the last two years. However, Kangin did not attend a single training session and was indicted without any detention. Because of that, he was under fire for being the part of reality show ‘Real Man’, a variety show that dealt with military experience.

Staff from the show expressed their stance towards the scandal on April 17:

‘Not every member goes into “Real Men” each time. Depending on the unit, different members take a part and Kangin was not going to participate in this round of filming regardless.” They added, ‘There will be no editing and whether he will be form the show will be discussed later.” 

The Second DUI Hit-and-run

Kangin was involved in another DUI Hit and Run scandal on May 24,2016, while drinking and driving in his Mercedes-Benz; he drove the vehicle into a streetlamp and fled from the scene. a few hours after the incident, he turned himself. Kangin was checked for sobriety and the police found that he had a 0.05% blood alcohol content.

A store owner who was an eyewitness called the police to report a downed streetlamp. After the interview session with the eyewitness, police found out that Kangin was responsible for the incident. The report also said that Kangin parked his car in front of the convenience store for two hours before driving away.

SM Entertainment issued a statement about the scandal, saying that Kangin’s future activities were cancelled because of what he had done.

On June 15, 2016, he entered the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office to face an interrogation after causing a traffic accident while under the influence of alcohol. The prosecutor summarily indicted him and Kangin was sentenced to pay a fine of ₩7 million ($6.420) on September 7, 2016.

Violence Towards His Ex-Girlfriend

Kangin reportedly assaulted someone in a restaurant around 4 a.m KST on November 17, 2017. According to the Gangnam branch of the Seoul police, they brought Kangin in after receiving a call that said, ‘Kangin is drunk and assaulting his girlfriend.’

The victim didn’t formally press charges, not wanting any disciplinary actions taken. Kangin was later released with a warning, after he was separated from the victim (his girlfriend). Police confirmed that the victim was his girlfriend.

Following news of the scandal, SJ Entertainment released an official statement, here’s what they said, below:

‘First, we sincerely apologize for causing a trouble. At the time, Kangin was having an argument with a friend he was drinking with. The misunderstanding that arose from the situation led police being called to the situation. We have apologize to the other party friend and the situation has been resolved.”

They also added:

‘Once more, we would like to sincerely apologize for Kangin causing distress during a time which he is reflecting on his past actions now.” 

Kangin has been inactive in any Super Junior activities due to his second Dui Hit and Run scandal in 2016.

The police released more details about the incident around 4.30 a.m KST on November 17, 2017. A police representative stated, ‘We would like to revise our previous report that the incident took place in Sinsa where it took place at an escort bar in Non Hyeon neighborhood of Seoul.’

They continued, ‘The woman who was in the location stated that she was Kangin’s girlfriend but this information that should be confirmed through Kangin or his agency, not the police. Kangin was drunk, but not completely intoxicated, and he was released with a warning as the two people reached a resolution on the location’.

The police added, ‘The situation would have been dealt as a criminal cases, where there had been any property damage or there been any physical damage towards the victim. However, the victim did not wish for charges to be pressed. So Kangin were released with a warning and not formally booked on any charges’.

Petition From K-E.L.F To Leave Super Junior

Super Junior fans, known as ELF, posted a petition for Kangin to leave the group in a post from DC Inside (Korean internet forum site), on May 25, 2016. This petition were made because of his second drunk-driving incident.

The petition said, ‘Since it is certain that Kangin’s unlawful acts will damage Super Junior group activities, this petition were made due to the opinion that is unfair for Kangin to continue promoting under Super Junior name’.

It continues with, ‘Kangin was previously punished for Hit and Run drunk driving accident in 2009. He missed mandatory military reserve training in 2015, and now he had another drunk driving accident. We view this as a fraudulent act towards fans, members who believed and supported him for his previous cases’.

And the last, the petition says, ‘We see this series of acts that not benefiting Super Junior’s image and career at all. Instead, we view them as actions that only cause a damage. From our position as a fans who support Super Junior, we cannot help but discuss this issue that will influenced their image greatly’.

A Prediction For His Future Career

After all the scandals and accidents that Kangin brought to the public, it’s going to be really hard for him to persuade people that he should keep his job in the entertainment industry. Many people would give him a lot of criticism and negative feedback, including his own fans, ELF.

But if it is possible for him to come back to the industry, many prediction have been made about how it might play out. The first prediction is that Kangin will shift his career toward being more of an actor. He already had an experience in acting, either its a film, drama or television series.

The others said that Kangin might be a businessman, that he will lead a clothing brand company, since he was a model back then.