Controversies Involving Korean Rappers: From Black Nut to Iron

Verbal Jint’s Drunk Driving

verbal jint

In the middle of 2016, Verbal Jint confessed that he drove under the influence. He made his confession in an Instagram post.

Hello. I apologize for delivering bad news.

“I want to confess that four days ago, I was caught drunk driving in my neighborhood with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.067 percent. My license is expected to be suspended for 100 days.

“I have no intention to come up with excuses since I’m at fault, and I’m deeply regretful of my reckless actions and neglecting the possibility of a drunk driver becoming an assailant.

“I believe this is something that both cannot and should not be hidden, hence why I’m writing this post that makes me feel ashamed. Once again, I apologize for showing a disappointing side of myself.

His driving license was suspended, and it was also reported that Verbal Jint was pulled over for driving under influence in Mapo District, Seoul, at around 10 p.m. on June 16. He was driving his own vehicle. He has admitted to the charges and taken part in the police investigation.

Simon D Cursing at Fan During Live Stream


During a live stream with DJ Wegun on October 9, 2018, Simon D shocked fans when he suddenly started mouthing off at one live stream viewer and fan. He was very angry and said “If you don’t want to listen, then don’t xxxx listen.” It seems one fan had expressed he would prefer not to listen to the music by DJ Wegun that Simon D was promoting, and Simon D was more than a little upset by the comment.

Not only that, but Simon D also continued with plenty of curse words sprinkled into the mix:

You’re saying this is networking hip-hop. You don’t think networking would be involved? You shouldn’t be saying this is networking hip-hop. Don’t say such nonsense. I’m so annoyed. Just listen. Or don’t, if you don’t want to. You’re just sitting holed up in your room listening to music. You think lowly of people who make music. You think it’s easy to make music? You all think music’s easy? Don’t listen then, because I’m annoyed. It’s okay if you don’t listen. It’s okay if people like you don’t listen. It’s not for you to judge when it comes to making music. I’m not talking like this because I’m drunk, but I’ve always wanted to say this.

DJ Wegun, who was sitting next to him at the time, tried to calm the angry rapper down multiple times, but Simon D did not hold back from his rant. When his fans commented they couldn’t hear because of the echoing audio, Simon D stated angrily, “I’m stressed out because I’m allowing them to do this.”

So, what is your opinion about it?

Crown J Assaulting His Manager

crown j

After being charged with drug possession in 2010, in the following year, rapper Crown J was arrested for assaulting his manager. The police received a complaint on March 8th from Crown J’s manager, who cited that on August 29th, 2010, Crown J had committed acts of assault and theft against him.

Reportedly, Crown J decided that he wanted to open up his own entertainment agency, and started by taking out a 200 million won (~$179,200 USD) loan, which was co-signed by his manager. The two arranged to drive together to a coffee shop on August 29th, so that they could discuss the repayment of Crown J’s debt.

Allegedly, Crown J arrived with three of his closest friends, and after they picked up his manager, they beat him so hard that it caused a concussion. Following that, it was also reported that Crown J obtained legal papers by force, so that he could have a yacht worth 100 million won (~$89,570 USD) transferred to his name.

In addition, the rapper forced his manager to rewrite all contracts regarding loan payments. Authorities detained Crown J at Seoul’s Kyungnam district. The star denied the charges and stated, “It’s true that I took him to my car, but I did not assault him, and all documents were signed voluntarily by him.

What’s your thought about it? Let’s judge it wisely.