Complicated Romance in ‘Sweet Stranger and Me’ Between Kim Young-kwang, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim Ji-hoon, and Soo Ae

Learn More About The Romantic, Yet Complicated Drama “Sweet Stranger and Me”

Sweet Stranger and Me is a Korean television drama based on a webtoon by Yoo Hyun-sook. The drama was aired on KBS2 every Monday and Tuesday from October 24 to December 13, 2016.

Sweet Stranger and Me told the story of a young flight attendant who returned to her childhood home only to find out that she has a stepfather who was three year younger than she was. The flight attendant and the stepfather soon found out that they were childhood friends. The young stepfather and his stepdaughter developed feelings for each other during later episodes; however, they couldn’t be together, due to their relationship to each other. An unexpected plot twist occurred during final episodes. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain about the drama Sweet Stranger and Me. So, stay tuned!

Sweet and Spicy Relationship in Sweet Stranger and Me

Hong Na-ri is a flight attendant who returned to her mother’s house after hearing the news of her mother’s death in a tragic car accident. Before her death, she tried to connect with Na-ri to have a conversation, but Na-ri always ignored and neglected her. Na-ri found out that her mother had married a much-younger man, one who was even younger than Na-ri, herself. She suspects that the young stepfather, Go Nan-kil, wants to take her mother’s house and lakeside land. It turned out that her mother had asked him to protect the house from a businessman who wanted to turn her lakeside land to a resort.

Living with her young stepfather, she finds him a caring and responsible person. Eventually, she develops feeling for Go Nan-kil, and the same feeling goes for him, as well. He realized that Na-ri was his childhood love, whom he met while he was living in an orphanage managed by Na-ri’s mother.

Hong Na-ri is in a long relationship with her fiancée, Jo Dong-jin. They had been dating for 10 years. Na-ri’s ignorant character made her boyfriend cheat her with Do Yeo-joo, Na-ri’s junior flight attendant. Do Yeo-joo is a seducer and man-stealer who wanted to find a rich man to support her financial problems.

While trying to protect the house and land from a bad investor, Hong Na-ri and Go Nan-kil met Kwon Deuk-bong, who was assigned to take over the house. He later develops feelings for Hong Na-ri.

Hong Na-ri, Go Nan-kil and Kwon Deuk-bong formed a team to investigate the company who wanted to take over her mother’s house. They found out that the house is evidence of a crime conducted by the company. After the crime was solved, Na-ri’s biological father appeared and claimed the house. Upon knowing that his late wife’s husband and Na-ri’s biological father is still alive, Go Nan-kil left the house, brokenhearted. He made up his mind to return, and annulled his marriage with Na-ri’s mother in order to be able to marry Na-ri.

Sweet Stranger and Me is a good drama with a rather absurd character enactment. However, the drama showed beautiful countryside scenery and scenic landscapes. The early episodes were slightly slow and plots were unfolded poorly. However, as the drama went along, the plot became clear and worth it to watch. The acting of two handsome leading men is one of the reasons to watch this drama. The conflict and chemistry between Soo-Ae and Kim Young-kwang’s characters is funny and romantic.