The Videos You Don’t Know You Need: Compilation of Taehyung Eating!

Compilation of Taehyung Eating

Here are some adorable compilations of Taehyung enjoying meals and snacks on different kinds of shows. Enjoy, and try not to get hungry, dear ARMYs!

Taehyung Eating Chicken

Who likes chicken? Well i guess most people in this world love it, and here are some moments where Taehyung eats some chicken.

Taehyung and Jungkook eating their chicken, not bothering their chaotic hyung.

Eating together with Jin and Jimin on EATJIN, in the backstage waiting room. This was during WINGS era in 2016.

bts kim taehyung v

Taehyung ASMR edition for a fried chicken commercial, don’t forget to use your headphones if you want to hear the video!

A chicken party backstage during the IDOL era:

One of BTS’s chicken commercials back in 2016, where they promote ‘Olivia Mara Hot Chicken’.

bts kim taehyung v

Taehyung Eating Watermelon

Watermelon is a great fresh fruit, especially when you eat it during the summer. Here is Taehyung enjoying this fresh and juicy fruit, watermelon.

Posing with a watermelon rind after he ate all the fruit:

bts kim taehyung v
bts kim taehyung v

On one of their Vlives, Tarhyung was seen to eat some watermelon.

bts kim taehyung v

An iconic moment from one of the episodes of Run! BTS on Vlive, where Taehyung asked Namjoon for his watermelon to take a little bite from it. But he instead, took a super-big bite, which was about half the piece of melon. Seeing this, Namjoon froze in place, just staring at Taehyung.

Check out the funny moment here:

Taehyung Eating Cake

This is when Taehyung and Kim Minjae joined a reality show together. Both of them played at the park at night. At the time, they also ate some cake. But during that time, V shocked ARMYs with how he was able to take one bite of a big piece of cake in his mouth.

Just take a look at the short video below:

And this one is during his birthday celebration, backstage during a year-end award show back in 2017.

bts kim taehyung v

Taehyung Eating Spicy Food

For your information, Taehyung doesn’t like spicy food at all, but sometimes he still tries to eat it. Here is a brief compilation:

Taehyung eating onions

Taehyung Eating Onions

Did you ever try raw onion before? Well, our Taehyung tried a raw onion before. Let’s check out his reaction!

During American Hustle Life, the maknae line did a challange. if one of them lost, they had to eat a raw onion. Here is the clip for you guys:

One of the RUN! BTS Behind the Scene episodes, Taehyung was caught eating a raw onion.

Taehyung Eating a Banana

Here is a compilation where Taehyung enjoys his banana:

bts kim taehyung v
bts kim taehyung v