Cosmic Girls’ SeolA: Profile, Debut, Diet Tips, and Similarity to NCT’s Jungwoo

Let’s Meet SeolA from Cosmic Girls!

Surely you have heard about one of the famous girl groups called Cosmic Girls, or better known as WJSN. The group which consists of 13 members is a mixed group from South Korea and China and has a member with a beautiful voice, namely SeolA. To get to know SeolA better, in this Channel-Korea article, will are going to take a detailed look into everything about SeolA ranging from her profile, debut, to her similarity with NCT’s Jungwoo. So, keep on reading everyone!

SeolA’s Profile

Name: Kim Hyun Jung  (김현정)

Stage Name: SeolA (설아)

Date of Birth: December 24th, 1994

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Zodiac: Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Height: 165 cm (5’5″)

Weight: 45 kg

Blood Type: A

Agency: Starship Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment

Years active: 2016–present

Occupation: Singer

Group: Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

Subunit: Sweet

Instagram: @seola_s

SeolA’s Fun Facts

  • SeolA has an older sister
  • She was a trainee for seven years
  • SeolA has Aquaphobia
  • SeolA appeared in Boyfriend’s “Janus” MV in 2012
  • In 2017, she starred in the web drama Good Morning Double-Decker Bus
  • She was also part of a collaboration group between Weki Meki and WJSN (WJMK)
  • She and Monsta X’s Kihyun sang “Love Virus” for What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim OST
  • SeolA is called the vitamin of her group
  • Before debuting with WJSN, SeolA, EXY, HELLO VENUS’ Lime, Nine Muses’ Kyungri, and Dalshabet’s Woohee were part of VIVA GIRLS
  • She can sleep over 10 hours
  • She loves to eat Jellies and Korean seaweed soup
  • Blackpink is her favorite group, and she is a big fan of them, she even has a lot of Blackpink merchandise
  • In 2015, SeolA appeared in the “Just Dance” commercial along with TWICE’s Jeongyeon and Nayeon
  • She had another stage name before debut, namely Junmi

Debut with Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

On December 21st, 2015, SeolA was revealed as a Cosmic Girls (WJSN) member when she took part in the cover of the song “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey, alongside EXY, Bona, Dayoung, Cheng Xiao, Eunso, Mei Qi, and Dawon. Then, on February 25th, 2016, she debuted with 12 other members in a group under Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment named Cosmic Girls or Wu Ju So Nyeon (WJSN).

Cosmic Girls debuted with the release of their first Extended Play (EP) titled Would You Like? with title tracks “Mo Mo Mo” and “Catch Me” serving as title tracks. Cosmic Girls made their first debut stage by appearing on Mnet’s weekly music program M! Countdown on February 25th, 2016, presenting their title track “Mo Mo Mo.” Here is her group’s debut performance video!

In this group, the concept that they used was similar to I.O.I’s concept, which is wearing cute uniforms. SeolA and the rest of the group members looked more girly than other groups, and their songs were very catchy! In her group, SeolA got the position of lead vocalist because her voice is sensational!

Debut with Cosmic Girls ‘Sweet’ Unit

Cosmic Girls (WJSN) is divided into four subunits, namely Joy, Natural, Sweet, Wonder, and WJSN Chocome. Each subunit has a different concept and also each group consists of three members, except the Natural unit. SeolA is included in the Sweet subunit along with two other members, they are Exy and Soobin. This is the 3rd Cosmic Girls subunit after Wonder and Joy. This subunit was revealed on December 24th, 2015, before Cosmic Girls officially debuted and then this unit debuted in 2016. SeolA was also positioned as the lead vocalist in her subunit.

SeolA and NCT’s Jungwoo’s Similarities

Every K-Pop idol face is often said to be similar to another K-Pop idol’s even though they are not in one affiliation; this is the same as what happened with Cosmic Girls’ SeolA. Cosmic Girls’ lead vocalist is often said to resemble NCT’s Jungwoo and some people think that they are siblings, even though SeolA only has one older sister.

At first, NCTzen was surprised by Jungwoo’s appearance at the 2018 Halloween celebration where Jungwoo was impersonating the main female character from the Titanic, Rose. Many fans thought that Jungwoo is SeolA, as well as Comic Girls fans. Both of them have the same eyes and shape lips, especially when they smile.

Here are some photos that show the similarities between Cosmic Girls’ SeolA and NCT’s Jungwoo!