Cosmic Girls’ SeolA: Profile, Debut, Diet Tips, and Similarity to NCT’s Jungwoo

Cosmic Girls’ SeolA’s Weight Loss Tips

At the beginning of her debut, SeolA had a chubby face. Then, in 2018 her fans noticed the transformation of her body shape to look slimmer than before. The fans were shocked because of her weight, some fans even said that they preferred the previous weight without losing anything, she still looked pretty.

Besides, SeolA’s current body does look thin and good. SeolA also provides secret recipes or tips about her diet. All in a day, SeolA consumes chicken breast, peppers, onion, and sweet potatoes. Then for snacks, she eats almonds and egg whites. Even though she was on a diet to lose some weight, SeolA still consumed Americano coffee.

This is all the information about Cosmic Girls’ SeolA: from her profile to her diet tips. We hope SeolA will always succeed and is healthy in carrying out her career! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and always read our articles on Channel-Korea!