Colored Hair vs Dark Hair, Which One Do You Prefer For BTS’ Jimin?


Colored Hair vs Dark Hair: Which Side Are You On?

For idols, it is not weird for them to change their hair colors every time they make a comeback. There are times when they would just stay with their natural color – dark hair, and there are also times when they would just challenge a new look by coloring their hair with bright colors. BTS’s Jimin is no exception, and we can see the differences in his hair color every time BTS makes a comeback. When you see these changes, what kind of hair color do you prefer for Jimin to have?

If you have been missing how Jimin has changed his hair color throughout the eras, today Channel-Korea will explain all about Jimin’s hair color from dark hair to colored hair. So, stay tuned!

Dark Hair

Throughout the eras, there have been occassions where Jimin had dark hair, but we see that mostly during the early part of his career. Are you curious about he had dark hair? Let’s check it out!

No More Dream

Jimin No More Dream Hair

When BTS first made their debut with No More Dream, Jimin had black hair. Not only Jimin, most of the boys in BTS had dark hair and hadn’t started coloring their hair. We can see that Jimin looks so pure and innocent with his dark hair in BTS’s debut era, that he almost look like a young child.


Jimin N.O

Moving to the next era, where BTS was promoting their song N.O, Jimin changed his hair color to a dark brown. Even though he started to color his hair, it seems that he is still not up for a big change like dying his hair a bright color.

Boy in Luv

Jimin Boy in Luv

In BTS’s Boy in Luv, we can see Jimin colored his hair back to his original black color. It isn’t so weird for him to change his hair color to black, seeing that Boy in Luv has a school concept, and dark hair suits him just fine!


Jimin Danger

In the Danger era, Jimin changed his hair color again, to a reddish brown, but the color stays on the dark side. He doesn’t color his hair too brightly, but it also suits him well, don’t you think?


Jimin Fire

Another era when Jimin had a dark hair was when BTS was promoting their song titled Fire. In this era, Jimin colored his hair perfectly black, just like in his earlier days. However, it doesn’t make him any lesser than how he looks in the earlier eras, and the black hair suits perfectly with the music video concept!

Colored Hair

While there are many occasions where has Jimin had dark hair, there are also many occasions where Jimin experimented with colors for his hair. Are you curious about which eras Jimin had colored hair? Let’s take a look!


Jimin Dope

If you want to see Jimin with colored hair, the first one era you should look at is the Dope era! While promoting for the song, Jimin had his hair colored a fiery red, almost identical to that of the Disney princess Ariel’s hair color. With a bold color like this, Jimin really did look so ‘dope’ and ready to make all the fans fall in love with him!


Jimin Run

The next era where Jimin had his hair colored is when BTS was promoting their song titled Run. In this era, Jimin had an orange colored hair, which made him quite a stand out, even among the other boys. However, even with a unique color he still looks as good, and the color suits him so much!

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Jimin Blood, Sweat and Tears

Another era where Jimin had colored hair is the Blood, Sweat & Tears era. While promoting the song, Jimin had platinum-colored hair that gave him a fatal, elegant aura. Do you think this hair color suits him?

Spring Day

Jimin Spring Day

Jimin had another unusual choice for his hair color in the Spring Day era, which was pink. It is not very common for idols to color their hair pink, but Jimin chose to color his hair with it, and it came out very nice!


Jimin DNA

Lastly, you can’t miss Jimin’s hair color from when the group was promoting DNA. In this era, Jimin had a blonde color, a color that’s hard to pull off, even for idols! However, Jimin manages to pull it off and looks as flawless as ever. Do you also think that Jimin looks nice with blonde hair?

So, what kind of hair do you prefer Jimin to have? Do you like it better when Jimin has dark hair, or do you prefer it when Jimin has colored hair? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about whether you prefer Jimin to have a dark hair or colored hair in the comment section below!