Learn More About CocoSori’s Sori: Full Profile, Fun Facts, YouTube Channel, Participation in ‘MixNine’, Latest Appearance!

CocoSori’s Sori’s Focus Fancam

K-Pop idols usually have fandoms or fans who are loyal to cheer them on at every performance they hold. If you have ever heard of phantoms or images captured by fans, they also usually take videos in the form of focus fancams when their idol performs on stage.

Let’s take a look at Kim So-ri’s focus thread in the section below!

On September 3rd, 2018, CocoSori held their comeback stage by releasing “Mi Amor” and performing on Simply K-Pop as well. Coco and So-ri, who were still in the same group at that time, danced to the chanting of a medium tempo song by displaying their very beautiful feminine side. So-ri also looks elegant by wearing a red and black outfit, just like Coco. Beside that, So-ri was also seen shining by bringing “Mi Amor” on the comeback stage at the focus fancam.

On September 16th, 2017, So-ri, who was at the time promoting as a member of R.G.P, continued the performance by delivering a single titled “Ping Pong Game” at the Jeonwoo Marangton Event. In this focus fancam, fans can see how cheerful So-ri is in performing with Real Girls Project wearing a baby blue dress. She was also seen smiling and displaying a very cheerful expression when she performed on the stage.

On April 21st, 2017, So-ri appeared in Arirang K-Pop as one of the contestants of The Idol Master KR with a song titled “B-Side”. So-ri shows a different side when performing with other project groups. She always looks cheerful, bright, and girly wearing a feminine outfit when making these performances. So-ri looks like an anime character wearing a pink dress, lace gloves, and shoes with lace motifs.

On September 9th, 2018, So-ri, who had just made her solo debut, attended Hongdae Busking and displayed her dancing skills very well in front of fans and the audience attending the event. With a backsound from Ariana Grande’s song “Greedy”, So-ri looks very shrewd when dancing very confidently. The choreography that is delivered also fits perfectly with So-ri’s sexy and feminine personality. So-ri also looked very energetic and shone when she performed the cover dance performance.

On September 4th, 2018, So-ri held her first showcase when she released “Touch” as her first single as a solo artist. In this performance, So-ri looks very sensual with a leather costume that shows her curves very clearly. Some of the female back dancers also enlivened the performance and choreographed each other well, although some also commented that the “Touch” concept was too sexy and even putting too much sensual content.

CoCoSori’s Sori’s YouTube Channel

cocosori sori profile

As a K-Pop idol who tries another fortune as a YouTuber, Kim So-ri can also be said to be quite active in uploading some of the latest content in the form of videos that are indeed shared with fans and establishing communication via social media.

As a YouTuber, Kim So-ri looks very creative by showing several videos, such as vlogs, mukbang, reviews, dance covers, and many more. Apart from providing entertainment for many people, fans can also indulge themselves and watch videos that Kim So-ri has uploaded to her YouTube channel.

CocoSori’s Sori’s Solo Debut

cocosori sori profile

Kim So-ri or better known by her stage name So-ri is a female solo singer from South Korea. She debuted on September 4th, 2018, under the management agency MOLE Entertainment.

So-ri debuted solo by releasing a single titled “Touch” in collaboration with rapper Basick. She also released the song in a Japanese version on November 14th, 2018, and performed it for the first time at the showcase held in Shibuya.

cocosori sori profile

Before releasing the music video titled “Touch”, on August 30th, 2018, we got a 27-second teaser video. Different from the concept that So-ri had previously carried out with CocoSori, this time So-ri looks so sexy in a bikini.

Not alone, this song titled “Touch” was performed by So-ri with a talented rapper and winner of Show Me The Money 4, who else if not Basick.

“Touch” is the first solo song released by So-ri since her career in the South Korean music industry as a member of CocoSori.

Different from her image when she was a member of CocoSori, in the “Touch” music video, So-ri shows her sexy appearance wearing a bikini and swimsuit. Accompanied by upbeat pop dance music, So-ri dances sexily with the dancers who are sure to spoil the eyes of every male fan.

After CocoSori disbanded, So-ri continued her solo activities by announcing her collaboration with American record producer Folded Dragons. This project resulted in her third single titled “I Am Not Alone”, which was released on July 10th, 2019.

So-ri returned as a solo singer by releasing the music video for “I Am Not Alone” in a performance version. Through this music video, fans can see So-ri’s performance when dancing with dancers to a song produced by Folded Dragons.

Throughout the video, So-ri shows her sexy curves with elegant and charismatic dance moves. Choreographer Choi Hyo-jin of 1MILLION Dance Studio also appeared in the music video to dance with So-ri.

Before making her solo debut, Kim So-ri had also participated as one of the contestants on the survival show MixNine, which was broadcast in 2017. Yang Hyun-suk as a judge on the show, again drew controversy with her comments about the participants of the survival program MixNine.

This time the controversy involved an idol named So-ri, who had debuted as a member of the duo CocoSori and Real Girl Project. During the audition, Yang Hyun-suk criticized her by commenting, “You’re too old. 28 years. Should be at this age it’s time to retire from being an idol,” to which So-ri replied, “Really? But for me, it’s just starting.”

cocosori sori profile

So-ri then talked about her career as an idol who had debuted with the CocoSori group. Hearing that, Yang Hyun-suk commented again, “But it failed, right? I’m really outspoken like this.”

“But I do everything while enjoying it,” So-ri said, to which Yang Hyun-suk replied, “I think you are still not in the situation to be able to enjoy it.”

After receiving a lot of criticism from netizens, Yang Hyun-suk then uploaded a video on Instagram. The video shows him visiting So-ri in the recording studio. He seems to be giving a lot of advice and So-ri admits she is surprised to be visited by him.

cocosori sori profile

While uploading this video, the boss of YG Entertainment wrote a hashtag which means, “I want to say you did your best. A sudden visit while she was recording last week. Criticism can only be said if there is a sense of interest. Judging must be with a cold heart,” he wrote.

You can also see the response and interaction of Yang Hyun-suk and Kim So-ri in one of the episodes broadcast on MixNine in the video below:

Well, that was all the information about Kim So-ri: starting from her full profile, fun facts, career journey with CocoSori, and also her solo debut after her group disbanded in 2018. Even though now Kim So-ri has become a solo artist and is also active as a YouTuber, let’s keep supporting her with what she does and hopefully, what she does can make her happy!

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