Learn More About CocoSori’s Sori: Full Profile, Fun Facts, YouTube Channel, Participation in ‘MixNine’, Latest Appearance!

cocosori sori profile

Everything You Should Know About CocoSori’s Vocalist Kim So-ri!

So-ri debuted as a member of a duo with her partner Coco. They formed a group called CocoSori on January 5th, 2016. However, on March 6th, 2019, CocoSori officially disbanded because Coco was involved in an internal conflict with the group. In the midst of activities as a duo, So-ri had auditioned for a multinational girl group project called Real Girls Project. She successfully entered the 10-member group and debuted on May 6th, 2016. This group was formed for the drama series The Idolmaster Korea.

After undergoing a winding career, finally, So-ri got the opportunity to debut as a solo artist and released several songs that were sung to continue her career after CocoSori was declared disbanded in 2018. Problems also occurred in the middle of her career, but So-ri tried really hard to sustain her career until now. Do you know So-ri? If not, let’s check out the detailed information about Kim So-ri provided in this article below!

CocoSori’s Sori’s Full Profile

cocosori sori profile

Real Name: Kim So-ri (Hangul: 김소리)

Stage Name: So-ri (Hangul: 김소리)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, July 21st, 1990

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 163 cm (5’4″)

Blood Type: O

Position in the group: Vocalist

Education: Sangmyung University (Dance major)

Official Sites:

CoCoSori’s Sori’s Fun Facts

cocosori sori profile
  1. Kim So-ri used to live in Japan when she was a kid
  2. Kim So-ri can speak 4 languages, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English
  3. Kim So-ri’s hobbies are watching movies, watching anime, and snowboarding
  4. Kim So-ri used to be a cheerleader back when she was in high school
  5. Kim So-ri learned break-dance when she was in the university
  6. Kim So-ri has studied ballet for 14 years
  7. Kim So-ri has a motorbike license
  8. Kim So-ri was a member of the Real Girls Project (RGP)
  9. Kim So-ri signed a contract with MOLE Entertainment in 2013
  10. Kim So-ri appeared as a cast in the K-Drama Hi! School: Love On that was aired in 2014
  11. Kim So-ri joined an auditioned for MixNine and ranked in the 7th place
  12. Kim So-ri’s fan club was named Sweetnotes
  13. Kim So-ri held her first solo fan meeting So-riNation in Japan, on February 11th, 2019, in Kawasaki, Kanagawa
  14. Kim So-ri appeared in one of the segments of TBS’s variety show Fact in Star
  15. Kim So-ri used to be a cast member of the documentary travel program aired on Channel J, Travel to Ibaraki Without Knowing Japanese

CocoSori’s So-ri’s Visual

cocosori sori profile

Visual is one of the important things for every K-Pop idol to have because it is also a separate image that is easily spotted by the public for one’s beauty or the good looks of K-Pop idols who debut in the entertainment industry. So-ri is one of the K-Pop idols who have natural beauty. Let’s take a look at the information and visuals of the beautiful So-ri in this section below to find out more about her!

As a member of CocoSori, this member who was born in 1990 looks beautiful and also has a proportional body shape. Many women want a body type like So-ri’s because she looks very elegant and mature. Even in one of the photoshoots held with Maxim, in the photo above, So-ri was able to exude her aura from a K-Pop idol to an adult woman.

cocosori sori profile

Being a K-Pop idol and always being in front of the camera, So-ri looks beautiful with natural make-up like this. It seems that the photo she took when she came to a program also caught the attention of fans because So-ri looked very beautiful with a big smile. Her double eyelids and high nose also make her visual look perfect as an entertainer.

cocosori sori profile

Beside that, Kim So-ri also often uploads photos with the theme of girlfriend material like the photo above. She looks like a girl who is going on a date at a café and ordering some menu items, but before that, she took photos as a memento. Do you recognize So-ri’s girlfriend material vibes in this picture above?

cocosori sori profile

Even though she seemed provocative with her solo debut, “Touch”, she was brave enough to take this very sexy concept. In the showcase and also the music video that was uploaded, So-ri looked like she was wearing a swimsuit but in latex and showed a very sexy side outside the outfit that was usually worn when promoting with CocoSori. What do you think about the concept of So-ri with “Touch”?