Everything You Need To Know About South Korean Duo CocoSori: Profile, Discography, Performances, Latest News

CocoSori’s Debut Era

cocosori profile

If there is a new year that stands out for welcoming a new chance, it is definitely CocoSori. It is a female duo composed of members Coco (25 years old) and Sori (26 years old). They debuted after releasing the digital single “Dark Circle”.

It was a unique concept because they came out with a dance song full of so-called ‘Pongki’ and cuteness along with their doll-like appearance. In line with the lyrics, they danced with many facial expressions that could be easily followed by ahjumma [refers to older women] and uncle.

Their stage costumes were also unique. They were maid clothes made of latex material. As the clothes were tight, the body was revealed as it is. The skirt was short and the chest area was deep. The plump upper body was emphasized, and they showed off their slender legs. Many people were curious about their identity right after they debuted as a duo.

cocosori profile

CocoSori talked about the outfit they wore for debut, namely whether it was uncomfortable or not. “It was a very sinister outfit that fit our bodies perfectly. I sweated a lot because there was no air at all. Now, we should balance the body in clothes,” they said while laughing.

Because the costume was made of latex, they couldn’t wear corrective underwear. A woman’s chest is a very natural body part for a woman and it can’t be an embarrassing part when showed off. Many people who look at them find CocoSori are full of confidence while wearing the outfit. The original basic design was modified because it was much more exposed.

Beside that, CocoSori also told the media during an interview about things they did before their debut.

Coco is from Washington DC, USA. “I came from high school in California, and I took a leave of absence after going to college for two years in the United States. It has been 4 years since I came to Korea. I came because the singer wanted to do it. He was also a member of the 2nd girl group Blady that was debuted in 2013,” Coco said.

Sori was born in Korea and went to Japan when she was in the 3rd year of middle school and finished college. Her debut in the entertainment industry was in the KBS drama High School. Since then, she has made her face known as a number of famous CF models. “I didn’t try to become a singer while working as a model. Strangely, there were a lot of advertisement offers. I’m not sure why. I was lucky,” Sori said.

Coco’s mindset was also different. “As a singer, I was more excited and couldn’t sleep compared to Sori unnie. I used to be the older member and also sister at the same time while in Blady, but now I’m in the duo, I’m turning to be the youngest member. I have a lot of affection for the team because I sweat a lot with my favorite older sister.”

They also sang and did a cosplay with nursery outfits. “It wasn’t long before I started in earnest in about two months. Nevertheless, Facebook page fans have already exceeded 25,000 people who joined. The response is good. We are also doing a children’s song collaboration, so the children are already looking forward to it. I want to play music that everyone loves, regardless of age or sex,” they said.

cocosori profile

There is also a point of view that imitated Orange Caramel during their debut in such a unique concept. “First of all, I am glad that I seemed to be friendly rather than feeling reluctant. However, our role model is actually a Japanese female duo Pink Lady. As Japanese singers from 40–50 years ago, they were the first team on the Billboard main chart and are still active. We want to become singers loved for a long time like them,” CocoSori stated.

CocoSori also defined the team concept in one word, which is ‘Cutie Sexy’. Actually, they are innocent and shy persons, but they suddenly change while performing on the stage. “As a side note, I know that Pink Lady were the reason that the word ‘sexy’ was first widely used. The music genre may be called semi-trot, but I want it to be called ‘Cocosori Style’. We want to create our own genre.”

The biggest advantage of CocoSori’s teamwork was that they were like twin sisters to the extent that they were truly amazing. Even if they made a choreography mistake on the stage, they would do it together, and they would have similar thoughts about how to deal with it. “I know even if I don’t say it,” type of teamwork.

cocosori profile

Talking about differences which can lead to a fight, CocoSori also shared their experiences while dealing with each other. “We have fought because we actually love each other so much. In fact, it was difficult to endure a lot of trial and error in the preparation process. I was afraid to give my heart to someone, but then Coco came in. Coco was sad when I hit the wall. I am clumsy and serious in expressing affection. Coco is an only daughter, so she has a lot of charm and a lot of talk,” Sori said.

cocosori profile

Their debut song, “Dark Circle”, is a secret story of two girls. Isn’t it time for the two to be in love too? If not, how did they feel about affection? “I’ve been teasing a lot about this. If I like someone, it’s a style that gets a lot of tea. The opponent has no choice but to know right away. You can’t ‘push and pull’ about a relationship,” Coco said.

Meanwhile, Sori talked about other different things, “There is no gap in my heart now. I thought I was acting. I like actor Hwang Jung-min, but for some reason, he didn’t go well with this song, so I remembered Ryu Jun-yeol from Reply 1988. It is the joy of my life these days.”

CocoSori that made their debut in early 2016 with “Dark Circle” also hoped that they would win the Rookie Award.

CocoSori’s Music Video

Initially, this video was practically normal like any other music video. But everything changed after the appearance of the giant broccoli. This video itself seems to tell you that broccoli is good for your health and reduces bad things or ‘dark circles’ in you. The “Dark Circle” music video is also very colorful and features many pastel colors there, coupled with Coco and Sori who dance and sing with enthusiasm in the music video, making the audience who sees this music video dance and sing along.

CocoSori’s Debut Stage

On January 15th, 2016, CocoSori made their debut stage performance on Simply K-Pop as one of their schedules to promote “Dark Circle” to many people. In the performance, CocoSori were seen wearing the same outfit as in the music video, which was a pink latex costume and there were several female back dancers wearing maid costumes who were there to dance together on stage.

CocoSori’s Stage Performances

Not only the debut stage, but CocoSori also made other performances when they held their very first comeback stage with “Exquisite!” In one of the episodes broadcast on Show Champion in May 2016, CocoSori made a performance by delivering “Exquisite!” with a very fast tempo and the members wearing the same red costumes as the boots. Beside that, the female back dancers also still danced together on the stage so their comeback stage looked lively.

On March 8th, 2018, CocoSori made a comeback stage that was broadcast on Mnet’s M Countdown with their latest single, “Mi Amor”. The performance looked very feminine and elegant because the members were seen wearing flower dresses with high boots which made their appearance even more beautiful and looked more mature than the performance with the previous songs. The female back dancers also looked very pretty with white blouses and black skirts while dancing along to the song.

Well, that was all the information about CocoSori; starting from their full profile, members, career journey as they debuted in 2016, until their latest song “Mi Amor” that was released in 2018. Despite being declared disbanded, Coco and Sori have given their best during their career as K-Pop idols so let’s give them our support. Hopefully, how they are living now still makes them happy.

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