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CocoSori’s Coco’s Focus Fancam

Are you curious about Coco’s focus thread while on stage? Let’s take a look at Coco’s focus fancam in this section below!

On January 31st, 2016, CocoSori, who just made their debut in the same month, held a performance for fans and also danced to one of the songs popularized by A-Pink, which is “NONONO”. In this performance, Coco looked very good when she danced the choreography with her fellow member, Sori. They also sang live there and put on the best performance for the fans who attended.

On January 17th, 2016, CocoSori held another performance with Sori by bringing one of the singles popularized by Miss A, which is “Only You”. In this performance, the members appeared cheerfully on stage by singing live. Coco danced really well when delivering the “Only You” performance.

On April 26th, 2016, CocoSori held a showcase for their first comeback and again delivered a performance with their debut song, “Dark Circle”. Even though it had been several months after debuting, Coco was still excited when she delivered the performance on stage. The costume used is almost the same as the previous concept, but it looks beautiful with a new hairstyle and it looks like an anime.

CocoSori’s Coco’s YouTube Channel

cocosori coco profile

Many K-Pop idols have started their careers in other fields, such as on YouTube as the platform that most people are interested in watching. Usually, many K-Pop idols upload content in the form of daily vlogs, behind the scenes, QnA, and many other activities to just communicate with fans.

Trying new luck, Coco also opened her YouTube channel (Rilaccoco) and often uploads videos that reveal her life as a former K-Pop idol and also daily activities with her current job. With Coco active as an influencer and YouTuber, let’s also be wise fans and respond with positive comments for Coco on her social media!

CocoSori’s Coco’s Solo Debut

Getting the chance to make a solo debut is what K-Pop idols have been waiting for because they can shine under their own name, while their group activities will usually be put on a break for a while. This was also obtained by Coco, who was promoting with CocoSori. Making her debut on May 29th, 2017, Coco released a single titled “Wishy Washy” (Hangul: 오락가락 해) whose music video is directed by Super Junior’s Shindong.

In the “Wishy Washy” music video, you can see a girl in the middle of the city as the main model. She was seen smiling broadly at the beginning of the scene and singing along throughout the scene while playing a few roles.

Not only releasing music videos, but Coco also made a solo debut stage which was broadcast on several music programs, one of which was KBS’s Music Bank which aired on June 9th, 2017. The lovely and warm atmosphere of Spring is clearly visible in this song was delivered very well by Coco who sang live on stage.

After making a solo debut with “Wishy Washy”, Coco got another opportunity by releasing another single on August 17th, 2018, with a song titled “Sugar Cake”. This song is Coco’s next single as a solo artist and it features rapper Microdot. The process of making “Sugar Cake” also became a problem for her and her management for some reason. However, behind all that “Sugar Cake” is an easy listening song.

The “Sugar Cake” music video shows another side by showing Coco there as a model who is told to be on a date with a boyfriend and spend time having fun together. This song has RnB strains and is also very catchy to listen to or even watch the music video which looks aesthetic and also shows relationship goals too.

Like her solo debut performance, “Sugar Cake” also got promotion opportunities in several music programs. One of them was the episode broadcast on The Show on September 4th, 2018. In her comeback stage with “Sugar Cake”, Coco was seen with a very bright expression and wore a very feminine outfit just like girlfriend material. There were also 2 female dancers and also 3 male dancers who accompanied her to dance on the stage so Coco also enjoyed the performance.

However, it seems Coco’s chance to make a solo debut didn’t just make her satisfied. Around 2018, there was tension between the two members of the CocoSori group, after Sori made her solo debut.

Sori got the opportunity to make a solo debut by releasing “Touch”, which she performed with rapper Basick. However, in the end, she got into a controversy because her stage costumes were considered too sexy.

Fans must also know Coco as a YouTuber. She is also very active on Instagram and Twitch. In her latest Twitch broadcast, Coco was asked her opinion about Sori’s solo debut. However, Coco admitted that she had not previously been informed that Sori would debut as a solo artist.

She also said that Sori got a lot of help from her agency, including Sori’s YouTube channel, which everything was arranged by the agency. On the other hand, all the videos on Coco’s YouTube channel were made by herself.

“That’s the reason I don’t talk about her that often, it’s because I can’t pretend to be okay. She always talks about me in her videos and at the showcase, I didn’t even get a showcase for my debut,” she said.

Coco indeed debuted solo with “Wishy Washy” in 2017 and returned with the song “Sugar Cake” in 2018.

cocosori coco profile

Through a recent post on Instagram, Coco also wrote, “Even if everything is unfair and unethical think about the people who support you for you. That’s what keeps me going. I will never say things like, support, or anything else that I don’t think is true. I can’t, and that’s me.”

“Thanks to everyone who has supported me, only me. I hope you continue to believe me even if I can’t say everything to you for now,” wrote the idol.

Well, that was all the information about Lee Coco: starting from her full profile, facts, career journey with CocoSori, and solo debut. CocoSori has been declared disbanded because of the problems that occurred between Coco and her management. Even though we don’t actually know what actually happened between them, it would be good if we continue to support Coco’s current career so that she can remain happy.

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