Learn More About CocoSori’s Coco: Full Profile, Fun Facts, YouTube Channel, Solo Career, Latest Appearances!

cocosori coco profile

Everything You Should Know About CocoSori’s Maknae Lee Coco!

Being a K-Pop idol is not always related to a glamorous life and spotlight on stage with loyal fans. Behind the exciting life of a K-Pop idol, there are also many conflicts that they must face to maintain their careers in the entertainment industry.

Such is the case of Coco who promoted as a member of CocoSori. Previously, she had already debuted with the girl group Blady in 2013, and is increasingly familiar with life as a K-Pop idol. Her career with CocoSori only lasted for 2 years because there was another problem with her management label. Now, Coco is active as a YouTuber and has started her own career independently. Let’s get to know Coco better with the information that is provided in the article below!

CocoSori’s Coco’s Full Profile

cocosori coco profile

Real Name: Lee Coco (Hangul: 이코코)

Stage Name: Coco (Hangul: 코코)

Place and Date of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA, March 25th, 1991

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 163 cm (5’4″)

Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position in the group: Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

Education: Pepperdine University

Official Sites:

CocoSori’s Coco’s Fun Facts

cocosori coco profile
  1. Lee Coco has an older brother who is a music producer and songwriter; he is named Steven
  2. Lee Coco can speak English because she used to live in the USA
  3. Lee Coco used to be a former member of Blady before she debuted with CocoSori
  4. Lee Coco loves minions
  5. Lee Coco’s official height that was written on site is 165 cm (5’5’’) and is 2 cm taller than the real height she confirmed
  6. Lee Coco was an MC on Arirang TV
  7. Lee Coco is friends with many K-Pop idols who used to live overseas, such as Day6’s Jae, KARD’s B.M, HIGH4’s Alex, and The Rose’s Woo-sung
  8. Lee Coco joined an audition for The Unit but didn’t make it to past the booting ceremony
  9. Lee Coco made her debut as a solo artist with single “Wishy Washy” on May 28th, 2017
  10. Lee Coco breached her contract with MOLE Entertainment and seems like she will be sued, according to the company

CocoSori’s Coco’s Visual

cocosori coco profile

In this section, we are going to explore the beauty of Lee Coco to find out more about her visual!

The members of this female duo look beautiful and fit the visual standards that K-Pop idols must have. With round eyes, eye bags, and high nose, it certainly attracts everyone’s attention. Even with her no make-up face just like in this picture above, she looks very cute, right?

cocosori coco profile

The selca she took, like the picture above, also shows that Coco’s visuals look attractive by accentuating her face features just like in Korean beauty standards. Regardless of allegations of plastic surgery or not, Coco actually has a face that is already beautiful from birth. She even nailed the selca with a casual outfit, right?

cocosori coco profile

As it is in the fun facts, Lee Coco really likes Minions as one of her favorite characters. If you look for more details, you will find several photos of Lee Coco along with the Minions collection that she has. Lee Coco also often wears the same outfit as Minions, which is with a yellow t-shirt and jump pants, which makes her appearance look cuter.

cocosori coco profile

Being a K-Pop idol for several years has made Coco undergo many changes, from make-up, hairstyle, outfit concepts, and many others. Prior to joining CocoSori, Lee Coco had already made her debut as a member of the girl group Blady. Her previous appearance with the girl group showed a more girly side of Coco but also funky at the same time. Look at her short blonde hair in the picture above. Can you still recognize that this is the same Lee Coco?

cocosori coco profile

One of the K-Pop idols who is currently active as a YouTuber often displays her daily activities through a daily vlog. If previously she had become a K-Pop idol under the duo CocoSori, fans can still see her activities outside of entertainment from the YouTube channel which she manages by herself. There you can also watch the vlog that Coco has uploaded and see her appearance, which always looks beautiful.

cocosori coco profile

Coco’s appearance has certainly changed from time to time, but these are not significant changes in visuals or body shape. It’s just that she adjusts the concept of a K-Pop idol with an outfit that has been chosen by management, like the picture above when she was promoting one of CocoSori’s songs, “Exquisite!” In this concept, Coco and Sori wore traditional Chinese clothes with their hair pulled in half, showing a cute and sexy concept.

So, what do you think about Coco’s visual throughout time? There are definitely certain differences that you can easily spot, right?