Everything You Need To Know About African-American Duo CoCo Avenue’s Full Profile, Songs, And Latest News


Find Out More About Jenny and Jenna, the African-American K-Pop Duo, CoCo Avenue!

When it comes to K-Pop, whether it’s a song, group, or singer, the figures of Korean people must be come into your mind. But did you know that even though the genre name is K-Pop or Korean Pop, the artists are not always from Korea? For example, Tzuyu, Mina, Sana, and Momo from Twice, they are from Taiwan and Japan. Got7 also has Jackson, Bam Bam, and Mark Tuan who are not Korean. Or what about Nichkhun, Bam Bam, Lisa, Ten, Sorn, and Minnie, who are from Thailand? They are also K-pop artists, right?

So if we’ve talked about non-Korean K-pop artists, then it must be possible. Don’t be surprised if I tell you that there’s a K-pop Duo made up of African-American members.

That’s right. They don’t have any Korean members, and neither of them were originally living in South Korea, but they are a K-pop duo. The members of this dui are Jenny Lyrics and Jenna Rose, who are both from America. They not only have similar names, they also had the same musical taste, which is R&B K-Pop. Both Jenny and Jenna used to be active on YouTube, covering K-Pop songs, and their names became widely known on the internet.


Jenny discovered Jenna, then had an idea to form a K-Pop duo together with her. Their viewers sometimes mistakenly think they are the same person because they are both black and their names are similar. CoCo Avenue wasn’t always a duo. Jenny and Jenna said that the group originally had six members, but they all lived in different states, which made it hard to record music or shoot music videos. To make a long story short, the six members ended up turning into two members, and they formed a duo. Even though the others couldn’t join as members of CoCo Avenue, Jenny and Jenna said that they still maintain a good relationship with them.

That’s how CoCo Avenue started their journey in the K-Pop industry.

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CoCo Avenue’s Full Profile


Jenny Lyric’s Profile

Name: Jenny

Full name: Jenny Lyric

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

YouTube channel: Jenny Lyric

Jenna Rose Profile

Name: Jenna

Real name: Jenna Rose

Hometown: New Brunswick, New Jersey

YouTube channel: Just Jenna, Jenna Rose

CoCo Avenue’s Songs

The duo that started their journey from Los Angeles finally released their own songs after all of the hard work of making original music and filming the music video. CoCo Avenue released their first song on April 14, 2017, a single called “Eottae (어때),” that they released on Jenny Lyric’s YouTube channel.

The lyrics were written in Korean with some English lyrics, just like many other K-pop songs that we know of. Let’s just take a moment to focus on how good Jenny and Jenna’s pronunciation is in the song. They sing beautifully, with a R&b vibe that goes really well. The music video is also very pleasing to the eye.

Most netizens gave positive reactions to the duo’s debut songs. Even though neither woman is Korean and the song was not composed or released in Korea, Jenny and Jenna really slayed it. So it doesn’t matter what nationality or race you are, if you’re talented then you have a chance, just like Jenny and Jenna, who snatched a lot of wigs out there.

If you listen to their song and watch the music video, you can tell that both Jenny and Jenna are really passionate and are actually into K-pop, and not just following the trend.

So for those of you who feel like leaving behind your seemingly impossible dream, just remember that two African-American girls successfully made a K-pop duo and released a K-pop song. See, if you work hard, you will reap the benefits.