The Story of Co-Ed School: The Mixed-Gender Group That Lost Its Shine

co-ed school

The Mixed-Gender Group Co-Ed School

Coed is a term for mixed-gender groups in South Korea. It is used to describe groups with both male and female members. One of the coed groups was Co-Ed School which made its debut in 2010. Here are several things that you need to know about Co-Ed School!

Co-Ed School’s Group Profile

co-ed school

Co-Ed School (also styled as Coed School) was a South Korean vocal group that debuted in 2010 under Core Contents Media (currently MBK Entertainment). The group consisted of ten members divided into four female members (Soomi, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, and Chanmi) and six male members (Taewoon, Sungmin, Jungwoo, Kwanghaeng, Kangho, and Noori). Coed School emphasized pop as its music genre.

Co-Ed School’s Group Facts

co-ed school
  • The name Coed School means a school with mixed members.
  • Their music video “I Love You a Thousand Times” featured T-Ara‘s Eunjong.
  • Soomi was the leader of Coed School.
  • They were in the same agency as T-ARA, DIA, Davichi, SG WANNABE, and many more.

Co-Ed School’s Debut Era

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Coed School debuted in September 2010 by releasing the debut single “Too Late.” The release of their first mini album followed in October 2010 titled Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh. On the mini album, there are several lead singles such as “Too Late,” “Bbiribbom Bberibbom,” and “I Love You a Thousand Times.”

Coed School also made its first stage appearance on M! Countdown by performing the single “Bbiribbom Bberibbom.” Other than that, the single became quite popular and entered several music charts such as Gaon Chart in rank #61. Their first mini album also successfully sold 50,000 copies.

Coed School held a debut showcase that consisted of an interview session, meet and greet, and live stage performance as well. Through the showcase, Coed School’s members introduced themselves and their various charms. It was also revealed that the Coed School name came up when the members were having dinner with their company president, and it was a part of a joke before they decided to use the name as their group name.

They wanted to become a K-pop group that brings good performances for their fans, and they planned to work hard. Coed School also revealed that they wanted to be as great as their sunbaes, singer BoA and T-ARA!

Coed School’s performance during “Too Late” on MBC’s Music Core gained a lot of attention since they appeared with a futuristic concept just like the original music video! All of the members showed their charms as well as emphasized their vocal and dancing skills. Their choreography was also harmonized!

Agency’s False Tactic Which Leads to Disbandment

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During Coed School’s golden era, Core Contents Media as their agency decided to separate them into two sub-units: F-ve Dolls (also styled as 5 Dolls) and SPEED. F-ve Dolls was formed in 2011 and consisted of only female members, and SPEED was formed in 2012 and consisted of only male members.

F-ve Dolls consisted of the original four female members in Coed School with one added member named Seo Eun-kyo. They marked their debut by releasing the mini album Charming Five Dolls with “Your Words” and “Lip Stains” as the lead singles. It was such a good way to start their debut which led them to release another mini album in May 2011 titled Time to Play.

Then, in 2012, Core Contents Media announced SPEED as another sub-unit from Coed School. They gained a lot of attention after releasing the digital single “Hommage to Lovey-Dovey.” SPEED also added new members including Jongkook, KI-O, Yuhwan, Sejun, and Taeha.

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Both F-ve Dolls and SPEED increased in popularity since debuting. Moreover, their popularity also increased even more than Coed School’s popularity. Eventually, in 2013, their agency decided to not continue Coed School as a whole group and changed them into independent groups respectively.

After several months, F-ve Dolls was disbanded in 2014 which made all of the female members leave the agency. Meanwhile, SPEED was disbanded in 2015.

Co-Ed School’s Discography

co-ed school

Extended Plays

Title Album Details
Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh Released on October 28, 2010

Label: Core Contents Media

Format: CD, Digital Download



Title Year Album
“Too Late” 2010 Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh
“Bbiribbom Bberibbom” 2010 Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh

Co-Ed School’s Activity After Group Disbandment

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After Coed School’s disbandment, the members focused on their activities with F-ve Dolls and SPEED respectively. However, both of the groups were disbanded eventually. Currently, all of the previous members still take part as artists in the K-pop music industry on their own paths.

Yoosung (currently known as Jungwoo) continued his career as a singer and actor, and Taewoon is currently known as a singer, rapper, and producer with the stage name ₩uNo. Meanwhile, Sungmin is focusing on his acting career after joining his new agency Star Camp 202.

The female members mostly continued their careers as singers and actresses, just like actress Ryu Hyo-young, actress Jin Hye-won, Soomi who is currently known as a singer, actress Lee Seo-an, and singer Huh Chan-mi who just dropped her solo album Highlight in July 2020! Aside from that, Hyewon and Chanmi are active on YouTube and constantly upload content there!


That is all of the information regarding Coed School! Even though the group disbanded, we’re glad that the past members found their own ways to continue their careers. Let’s always support their careers in the future!