CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa: Military Enlistment and Solo Album

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Let’s Get Acquainted with The CNBlue’s Handsome,  Multi-Talented Leader, Jung Yong-hwa

Jung Yong-hwa was born on June 22, 1989, in Seoul, South Korea. He’s a musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. He is also the leader, lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of the rock band CNBLUE. His family consists of his parents and a brother, who is four years older. He moved to Busan in 1991 and lived there through high school, where he first began composing music. After taking his college entrance examination, he moved back to Seoul, where he joined FNC Music. In 2009, Jung Yong-hwa left for Japan to study music with his bandmates. While there, they did street performances and released independent albums. The group debuted in Japan with the EP Now or Never on August 19, 2009, with an indie label, AI Entertainment. They debuted in Korea in 2010 with the EP Bluetory, and it’s lead single, “I’m a Loner”, became an instant hit in Korea.

Jung Yong-hwa made his television debut in You’re Beautiful (2009), and has since starred in the television dramas Heartstrings (2011), Marry Him If You Dare (2013), The Three Musketeers (2014) and The Package (2017). On the music front, Jung Yong-hwa also made his solo debut with the album One Fine Day in 2015.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about CNBlue’s Jung Yong-hwa, from his scandal and Military Enlistment to his Solo Album, so don’t miss out!

Yong-hwa’s Scandal Before Enlisting in the Military

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa’s desire to continue his education to the graduate level was hampered because of getting special treatment to enter Kyunghee University, and then he had to deal with the police.

CNBLUE’s agency, FNC Entertainment, has provided clarification on the case and expressed his apologies. Meanwhile, Yonghwa regretted getting special treatment. “We and Jung Yong-hwa formally apologized for the Special Treatment scandal that Yonghwa received to enter Kyunghe University,” the agency said.

The agency said it would not avoid police checks on the case. Yonghwa will also be responsible for the case. He has undergone an investigation at the police station.

“We and Jung Yong-hwa recently underwent an investigation from the police. We were responsible for taking ‘shortcuts’ as well as special treatment by contacting Kyunghee University. We have scheduled a University-specific interview for Yonghwa,” he said.

According to the agency, Yonghwa actually didn’t want to get special treatment. Unfortunately, the CNBLUE leader was forced to accept the special treatment.

Undergoing Mandatory Military Service, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa Placed in Special Forces

The leader of the rock band CNBLUE, Jung Yong-hwa, was placed in a special forces regiment while undergoing military service. This was revealed by the agency that hosted CNBLUE, FNC Entertainment, on Friday (04/13/2018).

“Recently Jung Yong-hwa completed basic military training for five weeks with excellent grades. Now he is placed in the 702nd Special Attack Regiment in the Second Corps after submitting himself,” said FNC Entertainment. “Jung Yong-hwa will carry out his military duties with faith and excellent health in the future. We beg you to continue to support him until he returns. Thank you,” the agency continued.

The 702nd Special Attack Regiment is also known as the Phoenix Unit. This regiment was formed on October 1, 1982, and became the first special forces unit in South Korea. Jung Yong-hwa began his military service on March 5, 2018. His duty will end on December 4, 2019. He plans to release a new song titled “Letter” in Japan on May 21.

Jung Yong-hwa’s Career as Solo Artist

Music Career

On January 14, 2011, Jung Yong-hwa released his first solo digital single, “For First Time Lovers”. The song was featured on the second season of We Got Married, where Jung Yong-hwa was a cast member and one half of an on-screen couple with Seohyun of Girls’ Generation.Upon its release, it topped various South Korean music charts. In 2014, he released “You, My Star”, a self-composed single dedicated to his fans. All profits from the single were donated to charity.

In January, 2015, Jung Yong-hwa debuted as a solo artist with the album One Fine Day, which hit the number one spot on the Billboard World Albums chart. The album featured artists JJ Lin, Yang Dong-geun, Verbal Jint, YB’s Yoon Do-hyun and Peter Malick. One Fine Day received generally favorable reviews from music critics, who noted his growth as a singer-songwriter. Jung Yong-hwa later embarked on his first series of solo concerts across Asia.

In 2016, Jung Yong-hwa collaborated with Sunwoo Jung-a on a collaborative album project. The duo released two singles, “Hello” and “Empathy”; Jung Yong-hwa composed “Hello” and co-wrote the lyrics to “Empathy”.

Jung Yong-hwa reportedly collaborated with foreign artists through a songwriting camp for his first EP, titled Do Disturb. The EP, along with the music video for its lead single, “That Girl”, were released on July 19, 2017. Jung Yong-hwa released his second Japanese album, Summer Calling, on August 9, 2017.

Jung Yong-hwa has also composed several notable singles for CNBLUE, including “In My Head” (2011), “Where You Are” (2012) and “I’m Sorry” (2013). In particular, his composition “Can’t Stop”, for the group’s fifth EP, was very well received and earned rave reviews from critics and K-pop fans alike.

For his drama Heartstrings (2011), he composed and sang “Because I Miss You”. The single peaked at number 14 on the Gaon Chart, and later ranked number one on the Japanese ringtone charts. He also produced “Casting Love” for the soundtrack of Marry Him If You Dare(2013), which was sung by Jeon Gun-hwa.

Jung Yong-hwa has also composed for other artists. He composed and produced “Fool” (also known as “Babo”) as a gift for label-mate Juniel, which was featured on her debut album, as well as “Love is Only You” for another FNC artist, the girl-group AOA. Jung Yong-hwa released 17 compositions for the first half of 2012.

As a gift for the CNBLUE School in Burkina Faso, Africa, Jung Yong-hwa helped produce their school song. In 2013, Jung Yong-hwa penned the song “Feel Good”, the brand song of Samsung Galaxy, which was released on YouTube on August 23, 2013.

In January, 2019, Jung Yong-hwa was among 25 songwriters selected for the forthcoming year to become full members of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA).

Acting Career

Jung Yong-hwa debuted as an actor before his band’s debut in Korea. He was the first member of CNBLUE to appear onscreen in 2009, when he landed his first acting role in the SBS drama You’re Beautiful. The drama aired from October 7 to November 26, 2009. As the series revolves around the life of a musical group, he played the role of the lead guitarist in the faux idol band A.N.Jell. The series gained a cult following and earned high ratings in Japan, which fostered the growth of his popularity.

In 2011, Jung Yong-hwa was cast in MBC’s youth campus drama Heartstrings, along with fellow band member Kang Min-hyuk. The drama also reunited Jung Yong-hwa with You’re Beautiful co-star Park Shin-hye. After the drama aired, Jung Yong-hwa experienced another rise in popularity in Japan.

Originally cast in Kim Eun-sook’s teen drama The Heirs, Jung Yong-hwa revealed that he declined the role to “avoid” actress Park Shin-hye (who was the lead actress of Heirs) despite being fascinated with the character and knowing that the drama was likely to succeed. Instead, he chose to star in KBS’ romantic comedy Marry Him If You Dare. Explaining his decision, Jung Yong-hwa said that the audience is likely to be “bored” as he had already worked with Park in two dramas. 

In 2014, Jung Yong-hwa took the leading role in the period action drama The Three Musketeers. Despite suffering from low ratings, Jung Yong-hwa received positive reviews from critics and producers for his improved acting in the series. Three Musketeers was also well-received in China and fostered in Jung Yong-hwa’s growth in popularity in that country.

In 2017, Jung Yong-hwa made his big-screen debut in the Chinese gastronomy film Cook Up a Storm alongside Nicholas Tse. The same year, Jung Yong-hwa starred in JTBC’s travel romance drama, The Package, with Lee Yeon-hee.

After his successful acting debut, Jung Yong-hwa joined his first variety show, MBC’s Sunday Sunday Night program Korea Ecosystem Rescue Centre: Hunters, which featured seven celebrity MCs going out to capture wild boars. The show premiered on December 6, 2009, but was forced to prematurely cease its run in mid-January, 2010, due to protests by animal-rights groups. He subsequently continued as one of the MCs on the replacement program, Eco House, which deals with global climate change. In 2010, Jung Yong-hwa became one of the hosts of SBS’ live music show Inkigayo and variety-talk show Night After Night. He left both programs in 2011.

In February, 2010, he was paired with Seohyun of Girls’ Generation as part of a virtual wedded couple for MBC’s We Got Married. Collectively known as the “YongSeo” couple, they filmed their final episode of the show on March 15, 2011. At the end of the year, Jung Yong-hwa won the “Popularity Award” at the MBC Entertainment Awards for his stint in We Got Married. In 2018, Jung Yong-hwa joined the talk show Talk Mon, alongside Kang Ho-dong as a host. However, he shortly left the program, soon after he was involved in a controversy.

Jung Yong-hwa’s Discography


  • One Fine Day (2015)
  • Summer Calling (2017) – Japanese Album
  • Do Disturb (2017)


  • “For First Time Lovers”(Banmal Song)
  • “You, My Star”
  • “Mileage” (with YDG)
  • “One Fine Day”
  • “That Girl” (feat. Loco)
  • “Letter”


  • “Fool” (Juniel with Jung Yong-hwa)
  • “Fool” (Japanese Version) (Juniel with Jung Yong-hwa)
  • “Hello” (with Sunwoo Jung-a)
  • “Fireworks” (with Sunwoo Jung-a)

As Featured Artist

  • “Home Alone” (Ravi feat. Jung Yong-hwa)

Soudtrack Appearances

  • “Promise” (Lee Hongki feat. Jung Yong-hwa) – You’re Beautiful OST
  • “You’ve Fallen for Me” – Heartstrings OST
  • “Because I Miss You” – Heartstrings OST
  • “Comfort Song” – Heartstrings OST (Japanese Edition)