CNBLUE’s Lee Jung-shin: Profile, Facts, Acting Career

Lee Jung-shin’s Lookalike with Nam Joo-hyuk

Debut as a celebrity, of course, visuals are the most popular attraction for fans and also as the identity of an idol that must be treated very well. Having a handsome visual quality also makes them one of their strengths as celebrities.

Not only that, sometimes we can find a visual similarity between an actor and another actor. Lee Jung-shin, who made his debut as the bassist of CNBLUE, has also successfully become an actor and also bears a resemblance to another popular actor, which is Nam Joo-hyuk.

Debuting in two different entertainment fields, Lee Jung-shin as the band’s bassist and Nam Joo-hyuk as a model under a large agency in South Korea did not stop their career journey on one thing only. They both are able to prove that all types of work can be done well if they have the basics and passion for it. Lee Jung-shin and Nam Joo-hyuk are also now known as popular actors in South Korea.

Having a handsome visual, well-built body, and also over 180cm tall makes Lee Jung-shin and Nam Joo-hyuk even look like twins. Female fans certainly have their ideal type of a man with a physique like Lee Jung-shin and Nam Joo-hyuk. Besides that, Lee Jung-shin and Nam Joo-hyuk also often act in dramas by playing lovely characters and having boyfriend material. Who would refuse to be a girlfriend of Lee Jung-shin and Nam Joo-hyuk?

Lee Jung-shin and Nam Joo-hyuk also both have gummy smiles and charming smiles. Who doesn’t melt when they see the smiles of these two actors? If they smile, their good looks are even more shining with their aegyeo sal (commonly known as an undereye area that was attractive among Korean).

Beside that, Lee Jung-shin and Nam Joo-hyuk have also played roles in saeguk dramas by wearing traditional outfits from South Korea. The two actors who have an age difference of 4 years still look cool with their old version of long hair and wore traditional hanbok clothes for men in the ancient dynasty era.

Well, that’s all the information that can be given about Lee Jung-shin as the bassist of CNBLUE, starting from his full profile, fun facts, achievements, career journey with the group his solo activities while appearing in K-Dramas, and many more. Even though Lee Jung-shin is one of the youngest members, he can prove that he is also a person who likes to work hard in his profession and wants to continue to provide the best for his fans.

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