Ex-CNBLUE’s Lee Jong-hyun: Profile, Departure, and Scandal

Lee Jong-hyun’s Scandal and Left Entertainment Industry

The name Lee Jong-hyun has returned to the world’s public attention, especially for K-Pop fans. Because, the CNBLUE guitarist decided to leave from the group that made his name on August 28, 2019. Previously, Jong-hyun was involved in an adult video distribution scandal, and now he is back in controversy after sending a message to a sexy YouTuber.


In March 2019, Lee Jong-hyun was caught up in the scandal of a sexual group conversation with Seungri, Jung Joon-young, and Choi Jong-hoon. Jong-hyun is known to have secretly recorded videos of having sex with a woman and shared them in group chat. Not only that, Jong-hyun also claimed to have slept with several women at once and showed them off to the chat group.

The revelation of the sex scandal committed by K-Pop members made one by one of them resign from the entertainment world. However, Jong-hyun chose to stay at CNBLUE and this decision was supported by his agency, FNC Entertainment. This is what made his fans ask Jong-hyun to leave CNBLUE, even making a petition. They asked FNC to expel Lee Jong-hyun from CNBLUE because fans did not accept his conversation with Jung Joon-young who was deemed to have degrading women’s dignity.

FNC Entertainment as the agency that oversees CNBLUE immediately spoke up about the controversy involving the artist. The agency representative said that Jong-hyun had admitted his mistake and apologized to the public. The 29-year-old guitarist is currently undergoing military service and is scheduled to be completed in March 2020. This is also used as an opportunity to reflect on his mistakes before returning to activities in the entertainment world.


It’s only been a few months since his last scandal that Jong-hyun has been acting up again. The man who was born on May 15, 1990, was caught sending direct messages to Instagram Park Min-jung, a YouTuber and Broadcast Jockey who is known for his sexiness. Min-jung uploads a screenshot of Jong-hyun’s message. In the message Jong-hyun wrote, “I really enjoyed your video on YouTube. Keep making funny videos.” He also added, “The fat in your stomach is so cute.”


The message immediately drew controversy. The netizens criticized the way Jong-hyun wrote a sensual tone by alluding to Min-jung’s body shape. In fact, there are those who think the message is degrading to women.

Suddenly, the netizens were chasing Jong-hyun’s Instagram and blaspheming the message he sent Min-jung. “As expected, you can’t quit old habits,” wrote one netizen. “He can’t help himself. Just leave your group, you make them suffer a lot,” commented another.

For this behavior, Jong-hyun decided to deactivate his Instagram account. Jong-hyun deleted his Instagram account on August 28, 2019 at around 4PM South Korean time. After Jong-hyun closed his Instagram account, Park Min-jung uploaded his statement on Instagram. She also apologized and explained the reason why she decided to spread the message from Jong-hyun.


Initially, I received my first DM from Lee Jong-hyun about a week ago and knew that he was in a period of self-reflection, so I ignored it. But after getting my second DM, I honestly felt a little uncomfortable. I also thought it was possible that he also texted other girls, then something bad happened. I want to prevent something like that.” Min-jung confessed.

After the scandal spread, FNC Entertainment announced that Lee Jong-hyun was no longer part of CNBLUE. The agency also released a statement made by Jong-hyun himself. The letter contains an apology as well as announcing his resignation from CNBLUE.


I apologize once again to the people I hurt because of the words and actions I have disappointed with. Even though it’s late, I announce my resignation from CNBLUE. I feel sorry that I hurt the other members and have told them about this. I’m ashamed to have disappointed fans who believed in me,” Jonghyun wrote in a letter of his resignation.

Where is Lee Jong-hyun Now?


CNBLUE shared thoughts on promoting as a trio following their comeback. As is known, Lee Jong-hyun decided to leave after being involved in a controversy last year. On November 17, 2020, the three CNBLUE members Jung Yong-hwa, Lee Jung-shin and Kang Min-hyuk had an exclusive interview for their 8th mini-album ‘RE-CODE’. This mini-album marks the group’s first comeback in more than 3 years and 8 months and their first release with only three members.


Jung Yong-hwa revealed, ‘This time, Jung-shin sings a little. In the future, he will have more parts. Please look forward to him.” The 1989-born idol continued, “We have been pondering a lot about our music since we were three years old now. We have changed our musical style a lot.”

Kang Min-hyuk then added, “We make music so we can’t feel the ’empty space.’ When you listen to the song, you won’t feel that ’empty space.’ It’s great that we can fill the ’empty space’ as a trio.” It looks like the ‘empty space’ that Kang Min-hyuk called was Lee Jong-hyun. Lee Jung-shin then concluded, “We will present more great music in the future as a trio.”


Lee Jong-hyun left the group in August 2019. He left the group after news of inappropriate direct messages to BJ and his involvement in Jung Joon-young’s KakaoTalk group chat room.

The mini-album ‘RE-CODE’ has been released on November 17, 2020. This is their first comeback since completing their military service and renewing their contract with FNC Entertainment.


Meanwhile, on March 21, 2020, the Ministry of Defense of South Korea started a new protocol for their military personnel, because of the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world. Military personnel who are nearing the end of their assignment and are on vacation are allowed to complete military service, without having to return to their headquarters first. Lee Jong-hyun is one of the militaries.

Well, that was all for the information of a former member from CNBLUE, Lee Jong-hyun who was also in charge of being the guitarist and ex-leader. Even though he had to come out of the scandal and controversy he made and made a bad image for his own image, let’s appreciate the hard work for their career especially for CNBLUE because they were able to start a career again without Lee Jong-hyun’s presence.

This is one of the great things that we should give our appreciation to the South Korean band which is already well known internationally and let’s give support to CNBLUE and Lee Jong-hyun so that he can learn from his mistakes in the past.

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