Get Closer with CNBLUE’s Drummer Kang Min-hyuk (Dramas, TV Shows, Abs, etc)

Kang Min-hyuk’s TV Shows

I Live Alone (2015)

Kang Min Hyuk

Although he is known as an introverted person, Kang Min-hyuk decided to appear on a reality show, I Live Alone, in 2015. He became the regular cast member, and in this show, he finally showed his daily routine as an ordinary Kang Min-hyuk, and many of his fans were able to see his talents. His fans loved this show as they can see how Min Hyuk lives his life.


His passion for music and acting has made him as successful as he is now. By looking at his profile and the facts about him, you can see that he has become a multi-talented artist from South Korea with a lot of fans, both in Korea and internationally.