Get Closer with CNBLUE’s Drummer Kang Min-hyuk (Dramas, TV Shows, Abs, etc)

Kang Min Hyuk

CNBLUE’s Drummer, Kang Min-hyuk

Kang Min-hyuk is a South Korean musician, singer-songwriter, and actor who is known as a member of the South Korean rock band, CNBLUE. He is in charge as the drummer for this band, and he has also pursued a career as an actor in several popular dramas. Aren’t you curious about who he is?

The Introverted Drummer: Kang Min-hyuk’s Profile

Kang Min Hyuk

Kang Min-hyuk is known for his career as a drummer in one of the most popular bands from South Korea, CNBlue. Many people fall in love with his smiling eyes and calm persona. He was born on June 28, 1991, in Ilsan, South Korea, and he is around 184 cm tall. He graduated from Digital Seoul Culture Arts University. He fell in love with drumming when he was a kid. It is said that his father is the one who introduced him to this musical instrument, and ever since then Min Hyuk get interested with the drum. He debuted in 2009 as a part of CNBLUE, and his band has successfully debuted with their title track ‘I am a Loner’. They gained huge popularity for their music and looks. Not only is he a drummer, Min Hyuk is also capable of playing the piano and flute. He works under FNC Music, alongside other popular bands such as FT Island and AOA.

His fans know that Min Hyuk is an introverted person who rarely laughs in front of people. His fellow band member, Lee Jung Shin, even says that Min Hyuk is a loner, because he really appreciates his me-time so much. Despite his successful career as a drummer for CNBLUE, Min Hyuk started pursuing acting as a new job. He has appeared on several popular dramas namely ‘Heartstrings’, ‘The Heirs’, ‘Hospital Ship’, and so on. He has earned appreciation for his acting skills in his dramas, and he is also known as a rising actor in the drama industry.

After wrapping up his project in Hospital Ship, it is reported that Min Hyuk will start his military service by the end of July of this year. He is going to start his enlistment with one of his bandmates, Lee Jung Shin.

Kang Min-hyuk’s Dramas

It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl (2010)

Kang Min Hyuk

Min Hyuk started gaining popularity as an actor when he took a role in popular 2010 SBS Drama, It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl. His acting in this drama marks his debut as an actor, and he tried to prove he was a good rookie actor by giving it his best and showing his skills. This drama eventually received positive responses from the viewers for its story and amazing actors and actresses.

Heartstring (2011)

Kang Min Hyuk

Min Hyuk joined this project with fellow CNBLUE’s member, Yonghwa, and Park Shin Hye, his close friend in real life, who became the lead characters of this drama. He played a character named Yeo Jeon Hee, a university student who majored in classical poetry and literature. He played Lee Shin’s best friend (played by Yonghwa) as they are together in a band named ‘The Stupid’. His character fell in love with an antagonist character, Han Hee Joo, who he referred to her as ‘Natasha’. His acting and role in this drama successfully gained people’s interest in his lovely and funny character.  He has also released a song as part of the soundtrack for this drama entitled ‘Star’.

‘Heartstring’ is a romantic Korean drama which focuses on the love story between an arrogant leader of the band named ‘The Stupid’ and a traditional Korean music student, Lee Gyu Won.

The Heirs (2013)

Kang Min Hyuk

Min Hyuk’s role as Park Shin Hye’s childhood friend in this drama left a good impact on his acting career. He played the role of Yoon Chan Young, a smart and kind man who is the son of Jeguk’s secretary. The Heirs is his second drama with Park Shin Hye, who became the lead female character named Eun Sang, and he played her childhood best friend. Many of his fans loved his character in The Heirs, as he acted alongside Krystal from f(x) as his girlfriend, who is known as a well-respected class president in a high school for rich people. The viewers really love his character and his love story with Krystal since they were labeled as a cute couple who stole the spotlight with their good chemistry. They were also voted as The Best On-Screen Couple at the 2013 Drama Fever Awards.

Hospital Ship (2017)

Kang Min Hyuk

He marks his debut in a lead role in the MBC medical romantic drama, ‘Hospital Ship’. He took a role as a character named Kwak Hyun, a well-known surgeon who joined the hospital ship as a volunteer for his military service. He played alongside Ha Ji Won, who played the lead female character which later on becomes his love interest in this drama. Hospital Ship is a drama with a story that revolves around a group of doctors who travel to rural villages to provide medical services on a hospital ship. This drama focuses on their problems in life and relationships between the characters. This drama gained huge popularity, which can be seen from its high viewer ratings in Korea for its good story line.

Min Hyuk has also won several awards namely, Rising Star Award for his role in ‘My Husband Got a Family’, New Star Award at the 21st SBS Drama Awards for his acting in ‘The Heirs’, and also Excellence Award, Actor in a Romantic Comedy Drama at the 24th SBS Drama Awards for his role in ‘Entertainer’.