List of CNBLUE English Songs

CN Blue

CN Blue English Songs

Who knows about CN Blue Team? Yes! We already know that CN Blue is a big band from South Korea. Usually we know about boy bands but now CN Blue has become a big band and popular korean boy band. CN Blue had a pop rock band formed in 2009. The lineup originally consisted of Jung Yong-hwa(leader, guitar, main vocals, rap), Lee Jong-hyun (guitar, vocals), Kang Min-hyuk (drums), and Kwon Kwang-jin (bass). They released their debut with a Japanese mini-album Now or Never in 2009. Kwon Kwang-jin left the band shortly after and was replaced by Lee Jung-shin (bass, rap).

There are some songs produced by CN Blue which use other languages, especially English. Korea has always made songs with English titles but all songs always use Korean. Sometimes, it makes other fans feel confused, but this is how Korean produced and made their country popular.

CN Blue Euphoria Songs, So Catchy

CN Blue

Well, talk about albums we can’t forget about! The catchy and stylish album which they have released is called Euphoria (stylized EUPHORIA). Their fifth major-label Japanese studio album was released on October 19, 2016, under Warner Music Japan. A special moment, on October 19 is their five year anniversary of the band’s debut.

Euphoria was released in four editions: Regular Edition, Limited Editions A and B, and a fan club-only Boice Limited Edition. It went on to debut at number two on the weekly Oricon Albums Chart. It means CN Blue proved that they were a total success with this album.

In an interview with EMTG Music they said, “when you listen to this music you can feel positive and it makes you feel good. Before, when something doesn’t work out the way you want, you can play this music and become happy.” Jung Hwa, as vocalist, said this to fans and many listener in the world. Jung Hwa said that he believed there’s a positive aura in this songs, especially in the album. Their songs are really catchy and easy to listen to.

The single charted for four weeks and went on to sell over 30,000 copies by the end of its chart run. Euphoria sold 26,401 copies in the first day of release and ranked number one on the daily. They got a big hit! After Euphoria debuted at number 4 on the Billboard special in Japan as a hot album on the top albums sales charts. Until the end, the album sold 36,074 copies in the country. This means CN Blue proved they were successful!

CNBlue Korea Best Songs: Album “Present”

CN Blue

Below is one of most popular hit albums from CN Blue! Their best of album “Present” will be released on November 26. Here are the songs which are included in “PRESENTS” album:

  1. One More Time
  2. Lady
  3. Blind Love
  4. Robot
  5. Time Is Over
  6. Come On
  7. Let Me Know
  8. I Can’t Believe
  9. Greedy Man
  10. My Miracle

Other CN Blue English Songs

CN Blue

Actually, CN Blue has some songs with lyrics using English; so if you became a fan of CN Blue and you couldn’t understand the songs, don’t worry! You can listen to these songs, here’s the lists :

“Angel” Jung Yong-hwa Wave English 2014
“Be My Love” Lee Jong-hyun “Puzzle” English 2016
“Blessed” Lee Jong-hyun Euphoria English 2016
“Blue Sky” Kosuke Oba Code name Blue English 2012
“Be OK” Lee Jong-hyun Euphoria English 2016
“Book” Jung Yong-hwa Stay Gold English 2017
“Captivate” Lee Jong-hyun Stay Gold English 2017
“Change” Jung Yong-hwa What Turns on You ? English 2013


“Crying Out” Lee Jong-hyun What Turns You On? English 2013
“Daisy” Lee Jung-shin Colors English 2015
“Y, Why” Jung Yong-hwa Voice English 2009
“With Your Eyes” Lee Jong-hyun Blind Love English 2013
“Where You Are” Jung Yong-hwa Code name Blue English 2012
“Wanna Be Like You” Shusui
Tony Nilsson
Voice English 2009
“Starlit night” Lee Jong-hyun Robot English 2012
“Everytime” Lee Jong-hyun Euphoria English 2016
“Face To Face” Lee Jong-hyun Euphoria English 2016
“Slaves” Lee Jong-hyun Euphoria English 2016