Everything You Need to Know About CN Blue Member Lee Jong-hyun

Dating Rumors and Girlfriend

Lee Jonghyun Gong Seungyeon

Although quite secretive about his personal love life, Lee Jonghyun has been linked to a certain girl throughout his career and that is his virtual wife, actress Gong Seung-yeon. Lee Jonghyun had a virtual marriage with the actress in the reality show We Got Married in 2015.

Although only virtually married, Gong Seung-yeon was invited to Lee Jonghyun’s birthday dinner with his family. At the dinner, his family disclosed that Jonghyun was very popular with a lot of girls during his school days as his parents revealed that they have met with his ex-girlfriends a few times.

Jonghyun was never one to be hit with dating rumors. However, he has expressed that his ideal type is innocent and sexy, naming Park Shi Yeon, Son Ye Jin, and Jeon Ji Hyun as his ideal types. He expressed that he likes girls who are feminine and casual, who look good in simple jeans and a t-shirt, and who will accept him the way he is.


Lee Jonghyun's family

Lee Jonghyun was born into a small family. He is the youngest of three siblings, having two older sisters. Jonghyun’s family originally resided in Busan, South Korea, but spent a few years in Japan for his father’s business.

His family made an appearance on one of his variety shows, We Got Married. In the episode, his parents revealed that in his school days, Jonghyun used to bring his girlfriends home, also mentioning that they were very pretty. His sisters also revealed that they were grossed out seeing the overly romantic Jonghyun towards his virtual wife, stating that they were not used to seeing his cheesy romantic side.

Recently, Jonghyun became an uncle as his first sister gave birth to a girl.

Lee Jonhyun nephew

Net Worth

There isn’t a certain amount to disclose about Lee Jonghyun’s net worth. Fellow member Jung Yonghwa, however, is worth $20 million. It is expected that Lee Jonghyun is worth roughly around the same amount, though not as high as Yonghwa.

Stylish Hairstyles

Throughout the years, Lee Jonghyun has successfully charmed thousands and millions of girls in the world not only by his ability in music and acting but also because of his good looks. His good looks are, of course, supported by his stylish hairstyles.

Having a perfect oval face is an advantage for Jonghyun as it fits almost every single hairstyle that was given to him.

In his debut days, he was seen sporting a thick and wavy hairstyle as opposed to his most recent hairstyle, short, thin, and easy to style.


Throughout the years, Lee Jonghyun has sported many different hairstyles. His current hairstyle is black and sleek with a slight side parting.