Get Closer with SS501 Member Kim Hyung-jun: Profile, Family, Songs, and Drama List

Kim Hyung-jun’s Close Relationship with His Brother, Kim Kibum

Kim Hyung-jun is known as older brother of actor and singer Kim Kibum. Both of them are pursuing the same career path in the entertainment industry. Kim Kibum is known as a former member of the U-kiss boy group. In Japan, he is better known by his stage name in Japan¬†Allen Kibum. His career as soloist made him very popular in Japan, and in 2013 he made his solo debut in Korea with the album “Longing”.

The brother’s relationship within them is very strong. As brothers working in the same industry, there is no competition but they always encourage and support each other well. In an interview for “The Brothers”, both of them revealed how close they are, even when they are working as entertainers in different groups and agencies. In December 2014, the brothers also launched ‘HnB company’, which stands for ‘Happy n Bright’. It is a character design brand with its first product named PiroPiro, a bear with dark circles under its eyes, representing tired office workers, and those who feel the strain of work.

Their closeness even earned them a special section titled “Brother to Brother” in Instyle Magazine, publishing an interview about them as well as a photo shoot. Both of the singers were looked like they were so close and having fun towards each other. Here you may see the results of their photos for the magazine!

During the interview, they also revealed how their interact as brothers even after being idols and having fans. When he was asked about their feeling of having sibling who are celebrities too, Hyun-jung answered, “Felt very proud. No matter what, it felt very good. Being able to share something in common spatially and temporally is a form of strength to me. I feel very satisfied watching Ki Bum singing and performing on stage.” While for Kibum, he always want them to be able to work together. He said, “If there’s an opportunity, will definitely want to release a Project album and then perform together on stage. So now we are composing songs that are duets.”

During the interview, they also poured out their feelings towards each other. They were asked ‘To Hyung Jun, Ki Bum is? To Ki Bum, Hyung Jun is?’, Hyung Jun proudly answered,¬† “Another me. If there is no me, Ki Bum wouldn’t exist. If there is no Ki Bum, Hyung Jun wouldn’t exist. We are together forever.” While on the other hand,
Ki Bum answered, “A treasure that makes me feel secured. In reality and mentally, he is a big tree that supports and protects me and my family.”

Aw, aren’t they a sweet siblings? So happy for the brothers! Wish all the success for both of them!