Get Closer with SS501 Member Kim Hyung-jun: Profile, Family, Songs, and Drama List

Who is Kim Hyung-jun?

Former maknae of group SS501, a singer, and also an actor, Kim Hyung-jun is one of South Korean’s assets in the entertainment industry. His first debut was being the youngest member of boy group under DSP Media, SS501, on June 8, 2005 on their debut album entitled “Warning”. The group consist of Kim Hyun-joong, Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong, Park Jung-min and Kim Hyung-jun himself. He was also one of the three members of the sub-unit group of SS301, alongside with Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong.

In 2010, Kim left DSP Media, who managed him as part of SS501, and joined S-Plus Entertainment as a solo artist. He made his debut as a soloist in March 2011 with the mini album “My Girl”, and made his musical debut in Caffeine. Besides singing, he started to do acting and made his acting debut in 2012. Kim got his first lead role as Kang-min on the KBS Drama “My Shining Girl”, followed by SBS Plus’s “Late Blossomas Jung Min-chae” in the same year. At the end of the year 2012, Kim received the Rising Star Award for his role in “Late Blossom” by the K-Drama Star Awards. His success was followed by his little brother, Kim Kibum. Kibum is known as former member of U-kiss boy group, but he’s also an actor. Currently, both of this duo brothers are pursuing singing careers as soloists.

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Profile of Kim Hyung-jun, and Facts

Name: Kim Hyung-Jun
Hangul: 김형준
Born: August 3, 1987
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 181cm
Blood Type: O
Twitter: @HyungJun87
Family: Kim Kibum
Education: Department of Information and Communication at Kyonggi University
DSP Media (2005-2010)
S Plus Entertainment (2010–present)
Avex Trax (Japan) (2011–present)

Kim Hyung-jun’s Discography

Kim Hyun-jung’s debut in entertainment was with SS501. The group also made his name widely recognized and popular. For almost 5 years, SS501 has served their fans with their albums, music, and performances. In 2010, upon the expiration of SS501’s contract with DSP Media, he signed with S-Plus Entertainment in August 2010, to embark on his solo career. S-Plus Entertainment stated that SS501’s activities are top priority in his contract and that they have not disbanded. In December, Kim and his younger brother Kibum launched ‘HnB company’, which stands for ‘Happy n Bright’. It is a character design brand, with its first product named PiroPiro, a bear with dark circles under its eyes, representing tired office workers, and those who feel the strain of work.

In January 2011, Kim signed with Avex Entertainment for his Japanese activities. On March 8, 2011, Kim finally released his debut solo mini album My Girl with music videos for the two lead tracks oH! aH! and Girl. Since his solo albums were released, the number his fans had been increasing. Kim had his first solo concert in South America starting on January 10, 2014, which included press interviews, charity events, and fan meetings with thousands of fans in Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. Right after that, Kim held his second solo concert in Korea entitled “He, His Story” on February 8, 2014 at Yonsei University, celebrating the three years since his debut as a soloist.

On the afternoon of October 9, Kim departed for Japan for his Japanese tour. Kim planned to kick off his ‘2014 LIVE TOUR – Endless Story’ on the 10th and perform a total of 7 concerts in 3 cities including Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka until November 28.

To see more of his songs and albums, you may check Kim Hyung-jun’s discography below!

Extended Plays:

Year Title Details
2011 My Girl
  • Release Date: 8 March 2011
  • Label: S-Plus Entertainment
  • Format: Mini Album
2012 Escape
  • Released: 9 July 2012
  • Label: S-Plus Entertainment
  • Format: Mini Album



Year Title Album
2008 “I Am” U R Man
2009 “Hey G” SS501 Solo Collection
2011 “Girl” My Girl
“oH! aH!”
2012 “Sorry, I’m Sorry” Escape
2013 Always Love You non-album single
2015 “Cross the Line” (featuring Kebee)
2007 “Sayonara Ga Dekinai” (さよならができない) Kokoro
(Limited Edition E, Kim Hyung-jun Ver.)
2011 Long Night (眠れない夜) non-album single
2014 Better (ベター) non-album single


Other Production Credits by Kim Hyung-jun

Year Song Artist Role Album
2008 “Want It” SS501 co-lyricist with Kim Ki-bum(H&B) U R Man
“The One”
“I Am”
2009 “Hey G” Himself co-composer with Kim Ki-bum(H&B) SS501 Solo Collection
“Green Peas” SS501 co-lyricist with SS501 Rebirth
“Obsess” lyricist
“Men from Mars, Women from Venus” Himself Men from Mars, Women from Venus OST
2011 “No Other Woman But You” My Girl
2013 “Always Love You” himself ft. Kota co-producer non-album single


Music Videos:

Year Song Length
2011 “oH! aH!” 3:52
“Long Night” 3:21
2012 “Sorry I’m Sorry” 4:22
2013 “Always Love You” 3:39
2014 “Better” 4:23