Get Closer with Joy “Red Velvet”

Red Velvet Joy Appear on ‘Running Man’


It is no doubt that SBS ‘Running Man’ is one of the most well-known Korean variety show which has been starred by so many Korean celebrities, including Joy. As of now, Joy has appeared two times on ‘Running Man’. Joy’s first appearance on ‘Running Man’ is on episode 268 in 2015. Joy appeared by wearing the uniform while bringing a dosirak (lunchbox). In the episode, Joy is the partner of Lee Kwang-soo.


There is one funny moment of Joy which happened in the episode. As we may have known, the dancing session in a variety show is not alien as it will make the atmosphere of the event even more ecstatic. The same thing happened in this episode of ‘Running Man’ when Joy danced like a zombie which made the rest of ‘Running Man’ members and other guests laughing hysterically.


The second time Joy appeared on SBS ‘Running Man’ is on episode 457 in 2017. Unlike her previous appearance, this time Joy is together with her fellow Red Velvet’s member, Irene, and her labelmate of SM Entertainment, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Yesung.


Just like in her previous appearance, this time Joy shows off her dance titled ‘Slapping Dance’ while dancing with male guests such as HaHa, Lee Kwang-soo, and Super Junior members, Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Leeteuk, which made the atmosphere of the show become more jubilant. Unexpectedly, this dancing session caused Lee Kwang-soo’s cell phone broke because he unconsciously dropped the device and stomped on it several times, which made the situation even more hilarious.


Red Velvet Joy on ‘We Got Married’


Not only SBS ‘Running Man’, Joy also guested on MBC ‘We Got Married’. However, unlike her temporary appearance on ‘Running Man’, Joy became the permanent guest on the fourth season of ‘We Got Married’ as one of the couples. In the show, Joy was partnered with BTOB Sungjae as a married couple. Despite being younger by a year, in their first meeting, Joy acted like a noona (a term of an older woman which is called by a younger man) to Sungjae, which made him kind of flustered. In addition, Joy and Sungjae’s first meeting is not usual either because Joy appeared while popping out of a really big box which made Sungjae surprised. Here you may watch the video of Joy and Sungjae’s surprising first meeting on MBC ‘We Got Married’.

During their partnership on MBC ‘We Got Married’, Joy and Sungjae received the couple nicknames such as ‘YookJoy couple’ and ‘Bbyu couple’. In addition, Joy and Sungjae did many kinds of activity as a couple, such like taking a driver license test, harvesting on a farm, went to a night club as Joy turned into the legal age of 20 years old (in South Korea, legal age means that someone is considered as a true adult so he or she can drink alcohol beverage, goes to a night club, and do everything that only adults can commit), decorating their home apartment with home-made decoration, celebrating their wedding ceremony as a carnaval party, and etc. Here you may watch the video of Joy and Sungjae’s wedding ceremony on MBC ‘We Got Married’.

Not only appeared on ‘We Got Married’, both Joy and Sungjae attended MBC Entertainment Awards in 2015. In the event, Joy and Sungjae performed a cover of Bruno Mars’s Marry You. Here you may watch Joy and Sungjae’s performance of Marry You.

Not only performing a cover song on an award show, Joy and Sungjae also released their own song titled Young Love. Here you may watch the music video of Joy and Sungjae’s Young Love.

Unfortunately, Joy and Sungjae’s virtual marriage had to meet its end on episode 188. The tearful farewell made their supporters sad as well but hopefully, Joy and Sungjae keep maintaining the close relationship that began with the show!

Red Velvet Joy Popularity Ranking


Currently, Joy is placed on the second rank in the term of popularity among all Red Velvet members. Joy’s popularity is owned by her countless variety shows participation on several broadcast stations in South Korea. MBC ‘We Got Married’ obviously played the biggest part in skyrocketing Joy’s status as an idol group member because the time slot of the show is on weekend, which is considered as the prime time when many viewers turn on their television while spending time with their family.


Not only her variety show appearance, Joy even becomes more popular after successfully dieted and lost a considerable amount of fat on her body. As we have probably known, Joy used to struggle to maintain her weight, especially during ‘Dumb Dumb’ era in 2015. The viewers of music shows criticized Joy’s big thighs and thick body which are not pleasant to look at. After achieving her ideal weight, Joy is continuously praised by the netizens and becomes the body goal. Hopefully, Joy does not lose more weight in the future because she already looks beautiful the way she is.

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