Check Out CLC’s Yujin’s Appearance in the Web-Drama ‘Nightmare Teacher’

Latest News About CLC’s Yujin

We have already seen Yujin’s cute side in her acting debut in “Nightmare Teacher”. She’s also shown us her cute side in “Real Men”, where she appeared as a guest in 2015.


But in October, 2019, Korean viewers wre surprised by the sudden appearance of Yujin in a reality show called “Masked Singer”, in which a singer performed and sings anonymously and the judges have to guess who the person behind the mask is. In the performance, we heard a voice of a feminine and mature woman, yet the actual singer who sang the song was the cute Yujin that we all know.

She revealed the reason why she really wanted to appear on this program, which was because CLC and “Masked Singer” were debuted on the same year. She also said that she was nervous since she really wanted to join, but in the end she showed us her best skills.

Yujin even shared a tweet about it on CLC’s Twitter account. She really looks so cute even with the mask on, right?

Anyway, let’s take a look at Yujin’s appearance on “Masked Singer”!

Yujin really has a good voice, indeed. Not only acting, we should also have more of her singing, don’t you agree? Well, good luck for Yujin and the rest of the CLC members! Whatever it is, we really cannot wait for their next upcoming project and we are ready to support them. Fighting!